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What Is Love?

December 17, 2010
By Tkern BRONZE, Chapman, Kansas
Tkern BRONZE, Chapman, Kansas
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You want me to define love in general but I believe love is unique for everyone. Love has a way of changing the shape of your heart. The beautiful thing about love is people can’t feel the change but when they look back they see how selfless they have become.

Love is a whisper between people’s souls. It uncovers truth and motivation. It inspires people to be all that they can be for that special person. Love has a way of making you desire to strive to be better and put someone before yourself. The truth is love opens up doors to possibilities. People can’t help but see the world in a different way.

Love is like uncovering a rare gem in the deepest, darkest mine. If someone is able to find that gem they are willing to do everything within their power to keep that gem. They want nothing more than to claim it as theirs. Finding that gem can be the hardest task in someone’s life and could take years to find the right one. There are so many gems to sort through, and so many tunnels in this mine. With its vast expanses anyone can get lost and sometimes people get caught in the darkness.

Love is the completion of two hearts. Its appreciating the inner beauty in someone, all of the sudden it isn’t all about status and hierarchy. Love becomes about just being with that person and not wanting anything more at that instant. It’s almost as if their mind can’t possibly hold any other thoughts. All their thoughts seem to be about that person. A person’s heart is so full it beats with joy, their thoughts so chaotic but calm all at once. It’s brilliant!

Love can be scary. Hardships can tear couples apart, and it’s up to them to make it through it all. True love can endure, and it only grows stronger. It can be difficult. The more it grows, the more sacrifices couples may have to make. Those sacrifices mean nothing if they truly care about each other.

Love is learning; people grow from it. Love teaches patience and understanding; people become wiser and more sensitive to other people’s feelings, especially those of their significant other. It’s a growing process especially for young love. A bond managed through emotional strain and a give and take method that strengthens the unity of two people.

When someone feels that power pulsing through their interlaced hands, they feel what love really is. It’s the power of promise and passion. The promises of acceptance and a heart that is true to theirs. Passion is a dream that’s young and blooming in a soul, awaiting its chance to grow. That is what love is all about; the first sparks of recognition between souls. Then it becomes a bond grown with strain but also with tender compassion. After that, their left with a dream fueled by the whispering between two star-crossed souls.
For those who haven’t experienced love, I feel sorry for you. Love is a blessing and once people get to experience it they will never want to lose it. People who think they have love, their wrong they can’t just think they have it, they know they have it. People can feel it in their heart. As real as every breath they take and as foreign as untouched dreams.

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