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I Am A Frolicker

December 1, 2010
By MidnightBlue SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
MidnightBlue SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
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I am a frolicker. To frolic is my most favorite of past-times. In case you are not familiar with the general methods of frolicking, I shall enlighten you.
In my opinion, the most prime location to frolic is in a meadow. Do not fear if meadows are in short supply though, the location is not critical. Now, assuming a meadow has been found, to achieve the maximum effect, shoes must be removed. Then a metaphorical, and occasionally literal, letting down of hair must commence. At this point the merriment may begin.
I fear I have forgotten the most important aspect! Frolicking is extremely difficult when alone. Companions are almost always necessary. Now, you are probably wondering something like “so...I have a friend, we are in some random field without shoes or hair ties…what now?” That is an excellent question; also one that I cannot answer. You see, it is impossible to instruct the actually frolicking. The most basic principal of frolicking is spontaneity. You laugh, dance, run, romp, and enjoy your companion(s) in a general state of giddiness.
I do give one caution. You must not frolic constantly. One does not need to frolic ceaselessly to reap its full reward. The ability to frolic is what’s important. Letting go of concerns and enjoying life is invaluable. All the same, we have tasks, responsibilities, and serious business to attend to. So, go, live your live, be productive. But don’t forget, a frequent dose of frolicking improves health and altogether happiness. Enjoy!

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