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Bad Day of Biking

October 9, 2007
By Anonymous

The day we went bike riding in Adventure Physical Education tried me the most.

We headed out; I was biking and talking with my friends. After the teacher leading us took us in the wrong direction, we turned around. At this point we stopped at a restroom. When I came out, everyone had left and they were going up to the fork in the path. I hopped on my bike and started pedaling fast to try and catch up because I didn’t know which path they were going to choose.
I was pedaling faster and faster when my chain skipped. I flew half way over the handle bars as the bike fell on its side. My leg was caught under the bike and it skid along the concrete for at least ten feet. I didn’t know what to do, so I slowly got out from under the bike, assessed how badly I was injured and the condition of my bike. I had a burn mark that was half the size of my shin, my knee had two gouges out of it, I was bleeding and my forearm was gashed open. My bike was usable, but was bent and it wouldn’t shift gears.
My teacher, Ms. Kelm, made us put her cell number in our phones so if anything were to happen, we could get a hold of her. I called her and there was no answer. I tried my friend’s cells because they were in my class. No luck. No cavalry was coming to help me, so I cleaned off the mess and biked until I found Ms. Kelm up the path. She gave me alcohol wipes to disinfect my wounds and I started my long and tedious bike back to our meeting place for lunch.
I had to bike the rest of the day, otherwise I wouldn’t get credit for the class. I biked 40 miles that day, at least 30 of it injured with my bike on one of the hardest gears. That day had tried me the most, but I kept going because I knew I had to.
In my life, when I’m faced with difficult obstacles, I just keep going, looking for the right path and I don’t stop until I’ve found it.

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