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October 3, 2007
By Anonymous

Adam stumbled into the living room with a heap of wet hair covering his head and an oversized comb in his right hand. He couldn't have looked more adorable in his blue Nascar robe and red slippers. He handed me the comb and requested that I, "comb it like Dad does.”
I smiled at him and said I'd do my best. I did the best to comb the hair of the eleven year old boy that I'd been cooking for, tutoring, and carting around for the past three years. It was this gesture that made me realize that I am important in this child's life. Adam had never let me comb, style, or touch his hair before this request. As Adam has impacted my life, so has another individual.

Jason has impacted my life in ways that no one else has or ever will. He is graduating from UW-Madison this spring and is the most charismatic person that I have ever met. Jason taught me how to wakeboard, surf, and figure out those nasty algebra equations, but more importantly, he’s taught me how to treat people. Jason is always the person that pulls through for me. Whether it's a break up I'm struggling with or questions about World War II that I can't figure out, I call Jason. He is always willing to help me out. It is Jason's traits, like helpfulness and honesty that I try to emulate.
I feel I am Adam's Jason. When Adam misses the bus and his parents already left for work, I expect a phone call. When Adam can't think of a way to ask a certain girl to homecoming, I expect a phone call. When Adam doesn't know which classes to pick when he enters high school, I expect a phone call.
I will not only be Adam's Jason miller. I will convey Jason's qualities that have been passed to me with the students, friends, and teachers that I meet on campus. I will assist future classmates when they need a friend, or anyone to lean on.

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