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December 6, 2022
By josiehall BRONZE, Hudson, Ohio
josiehall BRONZE, Hudson, Ohio
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Since the mid 1900s, the rate of obesity among Americans has been climbing exponentially, so much so that obesity has become a defining factor in the United States. Approximately 93.3 million people over the age of twenty are considered heavily overweight in the U.S. This epidemic is directly correlated to the state of the food industry many Americans are feeding into and on every day. The average American diet is energy-rich, but lacks nutrients, which leads to various health complications, including obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. So, if obesity stems from the American food industry and overprocessed, salty, sugary, and high-carb foods, we need to find an immediate solution to diminish the results of the food industry. 

America needs to prohibit the production of every single food except fruits and vegetables. We’re taught from the earliest of ages that fruits and vegetables are good for us,  so why not just completely outlaw everything else? People can’t get fat by eating apples and bananas all day every day. Hell, primates do that shit in the wild and they seem to have the time of their lives; if we follow their lead, it’s like going back to our ancestors, and maybe that would erase the problem of mass-producing poison-like foods from our society altogether. Fruitarian diets contain large amounts of vitamins and natural sugars to fuel our bodies, and even modern parenting techniques have encouraged parents to offer children a fruit cup after their meal and consider it a dessert. A small child wouldn’t know the difference between a sweet clementine and a slice of chocolate cake if they are told that both options are simply sweet foods rewarded after a meal. That’s some reverse psychology bullsh*t if I’ve ever heard of it. But what they’re oblivious to can’t make them obese, right? 

Additionally, fruits and vegetables are known for their high fiber and water content, so eventually, Americans won’t need to directly consume as many liquids, therefore allowing catastrophes like the Flint, Michigan water crisis to be relieved. Sure, scurvy and death are also potential risk factors when diets completely revolve around fruits; however, that can’t be much worse than consuming microplastics and toxins through a Big Mac from the most common fast-food chain in America. And if the rates of obesity decline, more individuals will be more confident in their appearance, because no one enjoys portraying the opposite of every stereotypical beauty standard to ever exist. Instead of retail institutions accepting plus-sized models and altering their branding to appear “size inclusive,” stores should be reinforcing the idea that morbidly fat people should spend their time applying for TLC’s hit series, My 600-lb Life instead of indulging in the latest fashion trends. Or, better yet, spend their time outside, growing and gathering their own fruits and vegetables. 

Obesity has been on the rise for more than a century. If the food industry doesn’t adapt to benefit the majority of Americans and their overall health and well-being, individuals will be required to take it upon themselves to fix their habits. And what kind of country would America be if its inhabitants actually took responsibility for the growing problems it faces? To ensure the continuation of society in the United States, we needed to start eating exclusively fruits and vegetables, like, yesterday. The next time you think about picking up a greasy catastrophe of a burger, or ordering a 3,000 calorie nightmare of a dinner course, think about the benefits of consuming 95 calories of spherical, Honeycrisp heaven. After all, doing so just once a day will keep the doctor away.

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