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A Lantern´s Light

October 8, 2022
By Anonymous

A Lanterns Light


Who are you? I am something that glows, shines and makes people warm at night or on a chilly night. Everyone calls it a lantern. Lanterns like to support and make their people have some confidence in themselves, they are always watching and looking out for the people they love. Hi, my name is Sabrina. I am a very complicated person and very bipolar but when I hang out with my family, I make sure everyone is having fun and are relaxed. For me I socialize so everyone can be involved in the activities we do. Sometimes it can be tiring and my light dims down. But my family makes me who I am. I get to be myself with them without worrying about what they will think of me. I'm safe with them.


Lanterns shine but eventually their light dies down and gets replaced with a new lantern. But this time a lantern light died but that lantern didn't get replaced physically. Only the inside did. Its lightbulb was brand new, it was brighter than all the lights they ever had in their home. Sometimes it had its funny moments with they people they love, sometimes it dimmed down, sometimes the light grew brighter, sometimes it was confused, sometimes their light was completely off, sometimes they didnt wanna get lit up again, sometimes it had no will to keep going, sometimes it saw no progress, sometimes it gave up, but this time it found another lantern. 

That day it fell in love with that lantern. That lantern light seemed lonely and confused. But lantern #1 made friends with lantern #2 and they became really close. They talked everyday and became closer, they even went out to have fun with each other. Then one day lantern #2 confessed to lantern #1.


¨I like you¨ lantern #2 said

¨I like you too¨ I said back


We both made it obvious that we liked each other but he was still scared that I would reject him. I told him he made it so obvious that he liked me and he was shocked about it, he thought he was hiding it well, we both laughed, talked, and we ate Korean fried chicken after. We were both proud that he confessed. It wasn't a romantic confession, he just wanted to confess in person rather than on text but overall it was still perfect to me. After that day Lantern #1 and Lantern #2s  light grew brighter together and it stayed on. They both have their dimmed light moments but they help each other shine. They will both be independent by themselves one day but they will still be together supporting one another. They will get through anything together and do everything together. They are still figuring out what they are and what they are passionate about but theyĺl figure it out. Soon they will be the ones to let the lanterns light and float up together in the sky and look deeply in each other's eyes, just like ¨Tangled¨, the Disney movie.

Who am I…? I am just a lantern trying to light its way through a dark tunnel.

The author's comments:

To be honest, I just wrote this at the top of my mind and at this point I really hope that this is enough for me.

This essay that I wrote is about these two lanterns and how they fell in love and wanted to be in a serious relationship and guide and support each other. They don´t know what to do in the future but all they know is that they want to be together.

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