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October 7, 2022
By αne BRONZE, Sacramento, California
αne BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
“danger is real but fear is a choice.”
- Will Smith

Curiosity and questions are my curse. The answer is too far away to reach and will never fill the holes my curse digs up. So me, Anekein Vang, a Hmong student beginning his second year in high school at Luther Burbank, thought of it as instead of a curse, I thought of it as an asset. Using this ability forces me to search for an answer, whether it's asking questions, using google, or learning off of YouTube. I've always been ahead in math, everyone calls me smart, but the truth is that I worked for the answer, and I found my way into math. I understood the rules of math because I questioned it, and sooner or later I found the answer. It's my passion to question.

Knowledge is very powerful. I started to recognize this at the start of my freshman year.
When students who are older than you in your 4th period start to ask you questions. That was my math class my freshman year. I worked hard in that class acing every test that flung at me. I look at myself, and I question to myself why I was such an Asian stereotype. That was probably because of how I was raised. How Asian culture was passed down to my parents and that led me to be a wonderful questioner. School praised me for being smart. But I don’t know everything, and I understood that. Not knowing everything made there more room for me to question. And those questions led to answers.

My teachers also have a part in my ability to question, because they never punished me for questioning instead they encouraged me to question and taught me that questioning can be very rewarding. That pushed me to question more and kept my brain open for answers. My family is filled with a mixture of failures and successes. It's harsh but for the failures of my family I learn from their actions, I get answers of the do’s and don'ts. That also applies to the successes of the family with the PhD’s and stuff. I learn the steps that they took and ask questions so that I can learn to be better not just academically but as a person.

My future is something I hope highschool helps me to figure out. I struggle with deciding on things because I am scared of making the decision on what I want to do. Part of me being a questioner does not help me because I keep wondering and questioning to myself if I truly want to do something, for example being an engineer. But what I do know is that I want to make an impact on this world, and make sure it's something positive. In the future I am also looking forward to having a family like any normal human being, and whatever career that I choose I hope for it to be a respectable one.

This world is filled up with a bunch of answers and even way more questions. The steps I took made me who I am today, my ability to question was responsible for who I am today and is a huge part of who I am, a questioner.

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I am a hard worker, and I worked hard on the writing piece.

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