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I am reliable person

October 5, 2022
By Tauv BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Tauv BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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¨Everyone does something for a purpose. Nobody is useless.¨

   ´´In order to become a man there are a few general steps, but owing up to your actions and apologizing is one of the biggest.´´ that is what my Aunt said to me. I am Tauvion Barnett, as an African American I need to stay safe because people stereotype me because of my skin color. This is who I am. That is why I stay strong in any situation I´m withstanding. Speaking of strength, I really like lifting weights and working out on my body. It takes time to see the progress of someone who´s skinny and I'm slowly growing. My name has the same root word as my dad Tauv-ion and Tauv-ea, me and my dad love video games and I'm pretty good at them because of practice and hand and eye coordination. I want to become big but also become a bit unknown because at times I could like the center of attention but sometimes I can´t. That's how I think I'll be in the future when I own a business and become a successful person with a lot of money.

    It takes trust and some sort of intelligence when it comes to reliability. As a kid I was not very reliable because I was clumsy and a big klutz. Gaming gave me a boost of self esteem and the recognition of me being a reliable person. Gaming is really fun because you can get to meet new people and I met a few friends on the Xbox platform and I got a personality from gaming so I´m not a weird and gloomy person. Due to my proficient communication skills I was able to have no trouble talking to people from other countries and it really made me more of a people person as I grew up. If anything I will say that gaming is very enjoyable and fun.. But please oh please don't try to get into any online relationships they truly suck.

    Family really means everything to me because of the stuff I’ve been through and I still act all goofy, nobody knows what I went through. I never really had a mother figure until my Auntie came into my life. I was in my worst times and she just swooped in like an angel. That’s why she makes me who I am, I get most of my personality and other attributes from her. I want to help her out when I get older so she doesn't worry about anything. She gave me the most out of my life lessons and most of my quotes come from her words. It's good to have a witful person around you at all times. Knowledge is handy in any situation you could think of.


     I really want to become a successful person when I get older, to start that off I´d need to go to college and take business classes so I can gain the knowledge of it.  After that I will make my business that gets me tons of money. I also want to know the true meaning of life. I will go on many adventures when I’m a bit older. I don’t want too many friends because I am a really anxious person and I overthink.. But this is the future I'm talking about.. I could fix the bad things about me now to sharpen the current me. My main motive now is to get a good GPA so I can get into good colleges and maybe even get a scholarship for Track and Field, when I do get older I´d also like to run lots and be healthy even when I'm old because you know our future doctors are cheating on them computers right now.. Stay safe yall.   

      Overall you can see and know who I am, I am a Strong, Reliable, and I love my auntie. I want to become the strongest person in my bloodline to make a name for myself. I know I have great potential and I need to use it at my fullest. It doesnt make any sense for me to be goofing off 24/7. I am a smart, individual, young, African American male I will do big things with my business and make good friends that I can rely on myself. It's always good to be around people that are like you.. Reminder. ¨In order to become a man you need to own up to your actions instead of running from them.¨

The author's comments:

This piece really made me think who I am, this really helped me see my own point of view so Im  thankful for this piece. 

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