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We Change Like Art

October 4, 2022
By Cj_writes BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Cj_writes BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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People try to change and find what suits them just like art. My name is CJ, my name means God is Gracious. My older sister on my dad's side named me because I was her first little sister. I go to Luther Burbank High school. At Luther everyone here is changing everyday from their faces to their personality. It reminds me of art. If you go to museums then you would see all the different art there like Realistic to abstract. Just like students were all different in shapes and sizes but ofc we all know that but we don't know the struggle we all go through unless we told someone and they told someone else. And we don't know the struggles the artist went through to make their art unless we were there to see them struggle. In the future I want to express my feelings through art and be famous for it because there's a lot of people that dont like to tell people about their feelings and that person is me and others but obviously I don't know them so all I can do is talk about myself.

Usually as kids we all know what we want to be or we just waited till we were in middle school to know what we want but usually that's not true it takes a long time to know if you really like something or not. Art is people's hard work as well, I'm not as good as other art. I think I'm at least ok. Art is very important to me because I get to tell how different they are and how me and other people are different. Art isn't just drawing and painting, it's also music. Some people aren't painting or drawing but they can be music. Music has different beats and lyrics unless someone did a cover of that song.


Why can't we see each other as art? It would be so much easier to see each other as art so we can see how different we are instead saying were all the same yes we are all people thats all that we really have in common with each other but we all like different things we all have different styles like art so let's see each other as such. 

The author's comments:

This Article is about how i see everyone and everything in the world no matter what it is and i absolutely love how i wrote this so i hope you enjoy it.  

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