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Smooth Like The Wind

October 15, 2021
By swaggestsag BRONZE, Sacramento, California
swaggestsag BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"The moment u give up is the moment u let someone else win " - kobe bryant

"All the great ones leave their mark” that's what Marv told Harry. My name kassandra nayellie alba , my mom said she chose my name because the nurse that helped bring me into this world was named kassandra and she liked it so thats my name , my almost name was monserath so thank god the nurse had a nice name. I'm 14 almost 15 years old , i'm an athlete i play soccer and basketball but i think i have a better chance at soccer tho because i've been playing for years now and i think i just like soccer better , i love the soccer team i'm on right now this is like the closest we’ve ever been and i just love that about our team. Family and sports are the best and most important part of my life right now. 


I've been playing soccer since I was about 7 years old. The first team i ever played for was parkway elementary school and i played until i was like 9, i also played for sac united for like 2 years then left because that sh*t was like pure favoritism and then i started playing for my aunts soccer team and i've been playing with them ever since. We’ve been in first place for like the last 3 years so the league is making us play up a group. This season we’ve had like 2 losses which is the most we’ve had in a while and I think it's really helping us understand that we need to get better and work harder if we want to beat these older teams. I played basketball for my middle school and it was pretty fun but i think my true talent is on the soccer field. I also started playing soccer for my dad and brother because I used to watch them play. 


My moms from San Francisco and my dads from Lagos de Moreno , mexico. He came over here when he was like 15 with 2 of his brothers. My dad then met my mom and they started dating not long after my mom got pregnant with my oldest sister ( Hennessy ) she was born in san francisco , than a year and a week later my brother was born ( xavier ) he was also born in san francisco , then all 4 of them moved here ( sacramento ). Then came me in 2006 and we lived in meadowview and moved to a new home in august 2016 just a nicer area. In 2011 my sister  

( Bella ) was born. And lastly my youngest sister ( savannah ) was born. We also have a dog maya and we’ve had her for 10/11 years she's a bluenose pitbull, and like a year ago we got another small dog , we don't even know what she is but they get along so great. Most of the time my family an i get together on the weekend. 

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i wrote this to help me get into UCLA or OSU 

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