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To The Moon

October 5, 2021
By omom BRONZE, Sacramento, California
omom BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“if you’re not the one for me who is” is like there’s nobody but you; “you are the only one for me” is the romantic side of it and the other flip side of it is like well if you’re not the one then who is? And you’re really lonely and like all of a sudden it’s just you. - keshi 2019

Imagine being able to live on the moon, being known to break the moon in half. My dream is to go to the moon either to live on the moon or to be known to break the moon in half. Some may ask is it even possible to live on the moon or is it possible to break the moon? Imagination is key, if I want to achieve something I use my imagination to help me through it all.

My dream matters because I’m still growing up, and deciding on what I want to do with my life. Becoming an astronaut is near impossible for me but if I put my mind to it, I’m sure I can do it. There are a lot of performing tasks in space as the Earth might not be the only place we could live on. As of right now, there is a robot roaming Mars to see if it is a possible home environment for us. As NASA states, “ build robots to view other potential homes like earth.” Exploration within the solar system is far beyond and just knowing that we are a small part of the big endless universe; I want to know more as I am curious. NASA states, “Astronauts explore the solar system to expand human exploration.” The more we know the better. The importance of an astronaut is completing tasks in space like repairing satellites and testing new equipment. 

Requirements to becoming an astronaut almost seem impossible to accomplish as it requires high knowledge and an abundance of your time. It’s a dedication and commitment to becoming an astronaut. As NASA states, “... at least 1000 pilot-in-command time on jet aircraft.” The 1000 jet aircraft is very intimidating as it seems like a lot, I do not have dedication and commitment to a lot of stuff so for me to become an astronaut would be very difficult. Some main requirements possessing a ‘masters degree’ in STEM fields, engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science, or mathematics. All of these require math or hands-on, which makes me excited and stressed at the same time. 

Although I know it will be difficult I still have the strong mindset of “I CAN DO IT!”. I’ll do what it takes to achieve my goal even if it will take a while. As the steps to getting there, I’d have to have two years of college with 36 semester hours or 54 quarter hours. Skills I would need along the way would be leadership, teamwork, and communication. I think the most difficult step would have to be learning to spacewalk, I heard that learning to spacewalk could be difficult. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center says, “Someday people are going to go back to the moon and they’ll find out how hard it really is.” I believe that this quote has to do with going through the process of hard work.

Gaining help from others that will not have the same knowledge as an astronaut will be challenging, so I would have to depend on myself to gain all that knowledge. I would have to say in the long run I will need my family and friends as they will be my mental support. Most importantly my education I will start off at a community and proceed to a UC gaining all my requirements and passing. As all of that is done with I will have what I need to accomplish my dream of being able to go to the moon.

Overall, I have the sense of accomplishment of being able to achieve going to the moon, through all the challenges and all the hardships; in the end, when I see the moon I will tell myself, “I have made it.” By the time I know it I will be living on the moon, and when I’m tired of it I’ll destroy it.

The author's comments:

My inspiration was the stars and the moon, just the nighttime in general. As my piece will talk about my dream and using my imagination, as a kid I have always wanted to see the moon and stars up close.

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