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October 5, 2021
By jjbrazy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
jjbrazy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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"sometimes our dreams come true, sometimes our fears do too" - j.cole

Most YouTube videos got fewer than 50 views, only 2% got 1,000 views or more, and 0.3% of the videos got at least 500,000 views. This means, your odds of becoming famous via YouTube are vanishingly small. Starting a youtube page can be hard, it can take time and you have to be consistent. The success of Youtube influencers from the past had marketers shifts so it can be able to reach my audience. It is a relevant dream for people to grow from youtube and promote things that other people enjoy viewing. 

When considering to begin a youtube channel it is easy, But you also need to plan out what type of content your channel will promote. There are easy steps you have to follow to make sure to grab the attention of your audience in order to gain viewers. Nowadays most people enjoy watching others' everyday life because due to the pandemic all people do is be home of course that was very boring. 

Another thing I will need to do is to make sure my channel can be welcoming to my audience, because a welcoming channel can help out with gaining more viewers and it can help your channel grow. There are important things you need to receive a lot of viewers and subscribers to get paid as well, at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year.

I am considering becoming a vlogger and it is on my mind to make the dream come true and I need help from the people, my audience and my family as well in order to provide great content. I am planning to make it a vlogging account and vlog about my everyday life as a young 17 year old parent. Most of the audience will be interested about that because most guys that are going through the same thing i did can have questions which build relationships and i believe that the youtube community will be successful for me.

Ever since the pandemic started, becoming a youtuber/ vlogger has been something on my mind that I would be interested in doing to provide great content and continue to grow with an audience to catch the attention of others to keep the social media up and running. Being a vlogger can bring out the good in others.

The author's comments:

I am inspired to become a famous youtuber, because i belive that i will have good content for my channel and i am young it's a hobby i am intrested in giving it a shot.

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