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Salamander Failure

May 4, 2018
By AMGS03 BRONZE, Mexico, Other
AMGS03 BRONZE, Mexico, Other
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Have you ever wondered what is an axolotl?

An axolotl is a Millenary monster that is thought to be adored as a god by the ancient Aztecs because it help people in their journey to the "Mictlan" (the Aztec underworld).


How would you react if I told you that it is an endangered animal?
The axolotl its endangered because it only lives in the deep waters of Xochimilco´s rivers.
These rivers are very polluted, so the axolotl dies easily.
It was also sold as a pet, so that killed some of them.

Why is so important?
The axolotl has a lot of unique qualities in the animals world:


It can regenerate any part of its body, it is the only animal known that can do this, and not only their tail just like a lizard, it can regenerate any tissue from its skin to its brain.

It has been studied in order to develop a cure to cancer and some other sickness.All its life, it remains as a larvae, even when it reaches its sexual maturity.

It has fully functional lungs and branches, which is another quality that any other animal has

These are some reasons to preserve the axolotl and continue discovering more of its secrets.

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