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Mall Night With Friends

February 15, 2017
By kaylamiller BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
kaylamiller BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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It was November 5th , 2016 , 6:30 pm. It was an amazing night I got into the car, turned on the radio and put rap music but of course my mom changed the channel to country music, because she's in love with country, and she does not like my type of music. We got to the mall, 
My mother said “kayla where are you friends” 

I replied “They’re inside Newbury Comics, I am going to meet them there.” 

Mom said “Okay, you better text me when you’re with your friends.” 

I replied “yes, mom,”

I ran inside the Solomon Pond Mall while is was a little rainy and PLOP! my butt hit the ground because it was wet outside.

When i stepped in, I heard my friends scream  “KAYLAAA”   

But I couldn't see where they were I walked a little more, I looked at the escalator and BOOM there they were. I texted my mom.. And told her I found them, the funny thing was they told me to meet them at Newbury Comics but they were not where they said they were going to be but atleast I found them. When we all got together, we all walked to the food court. My friend saw her boyfriend. We decided to hang out with him too and couple of his friends. We started to walk around, but my friend legs were sore, so we all sat down at the couches that are in the Food Court. After like 5 minutes Gianna and I got up. After a couple minutes of us walking one of the mall cops stopped us, and told us to stop loitering. My friend then started talking to him about how we did buy things from bath and body works, and from the food court. 

The mall cop said “I could kick you all out right now if I wanted too”,  

we all said “wow, wait we didn't do anything for you to kick us out”,

The mall cop replied with “Yes you did, you’re all loitering, you guys are just walking around not purchasing anything” 

My friend said “Actually we did buy body spray from bath and body works, and we bought Burger King for food at the food court, in that case we did purchase something, and we are not loitering” All we could all see is him the mall poice gathering around and looking at when we walked his mouth about loitering.

Me and my friend Gianna walked away from him, while Yazelyn and her boyfriend Nyck were still at the Food Court sitting down with a couple of their friends. I saw the store Teavana,  I could smell all the different types of tea.  I ran to get a sample POOF I was gone in a flash. I was so excited that when I was pouring it into my cup, I burnt my hand because it was white chocolate peppermint hot tea.  I have to be honest the Chocolate Peppermint tea tastes really good than I thought it would. 

I said “usually when I come here they only have ice tea samples.

When I burnt my hand i'm surprised didn't cry, matter in fact I was laughing at myself while my friends were on the floor dying of laughter because of how stupid I was for being excited about tea and burning myself. I threw away the little sample cup and then we heard “Ma’am are you okay” from one of ladies that worked at Teavana. 
“Yes I am okay, Thank you”  

When we walked away Gianna said “Wow, Kayla you’re so smart” 

Me being sarcastic “Damn, I know I am, tell me something I do not know..”

Gianna said “Aight, you’re beautiful” 

Me “Oh my god, I love you” we both giggled

We called my friend Erin because she was supposed to meet us at the mall too. While I was about to call her.
My loud mouth screamed “ERIN” 
I ran up to her and hugged her. After we found Erin we all peaked around going into stores, Gianna stopped and ran into Bath and Body Works again.. I followed her and so did Erin. Next thing I know Gianna went to get body spray and sprayed me in the face. 

I said “ouch, that kind of got in my eyes” *laughs* 

We all hung out , had our laughs and giggles. When I hear Giannas laugh it makes me laugh even more because it is so funny. After about an hour or 2 I called my dad to come get me because the mall was closing down because they announced over the speaker. I towards the door and saw my dad waiting for me. As we walked out I almost fell again, we laughed. I did tell my dad everything that happened at the mall and he did was laugh about it. While we were getting in the truck I smelt really bad gas and I like choked on the smell of the gas. Before I went into the truck I saw the gas was leaking.   

The author's comments:

it was a fun night with my friends...

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