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Get Fit!

March 16, 2016
By JamesDix BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
JamesDix BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Come on! Wipe the sweat off your face, and knock out this last rep. Hard work is in the air, clank, clank, as the dumbbells hit the bar. Keep pushing you’re almost finish, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH! Striving for greatness is what it’s all about when you’re a personal trainer, with many skills, the right educational background, and plenty of benefits.

Personally, becoming a personal trainer doesn’t take much. Becoming a personal trainer means most likely that you live a healthy lifestyle and likes to help others achieve their basic health goals set for themselves(“The Role of a Personal Trainer | Resources”). Helping people achieve their personal health goals means a lot because you’re giving the person a drive to help them get better or get to the goal they have set for themselves personally. You never have to worry about going out of business because most people are always looking for ways to help get their health lifestyle right.

When it comes to education for this job, you would think it doesn’t take much but it depends if you are working for someone, or starting your own business-(auntroponewership). A personal trainer needs at least a high school diploma to work under someone, and maybe an associate's or bachelor's degree(“100 Fun Jobs | Create a Career”).

. Below, here are a few colleges that offer the personal trainer major.
Harrison College
ASU online University
Lincoln College of Tech

Even though it takes a lot of time, at the end of the day becoming a personal trainer pays off. For an average, personal trainers make $30,000 a year working full time, but the salary can range from $30,000 to $35,000 depending on how successful you are in the business(“Personal Trainer: Job Description & Career Requirements”). Most likely personal trainers will work at a public gym or a private facility.

Therefore, choosing a career that you enjoy, will lead you to lifelong destinies. As a personal trainer, you will need skills and an educational degree to have a successful career in this major. Which major will you choose to follow?


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