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Rolling a Strike for Garaway

April 28, 2015
By Alex Baker BRONZE, Dundee, Ohio
Alex Baker BRONZE, Dundee, Ohio
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The bowling ball was just released, it rolls down the polished lane like a bullet and BAM, the pins go down, one by one. Bowling was and still is an enjoyable sport to play, but having the biggest popularity during the 1940s up to about the 1960s, as it was called the “Golden Era.” Here at Garaway, there isn’t a spot for bowling in the sports department or even a club.
Not many schools still have bowling clubs or leagues, however a few that do are Carrollton and Sandy Valley High schools, but just a short time ago, Dover’s new bowling team emerged due to Dover administrators being hit by a barrage of requests from students to start a bowling league.


Bowling used to be a popular sport around its origin. Students at Garaway received a  survey asking them; “If Garaway had a bowling league would you join it and what season it would be played in.” Out of sixty-four students, fifty-four said yes to Garaway having a league, while twelve said, they would not want a bowling league. It seemed pretty clear that the majority of students want a bowling league at Garaway. With the talent the students at Garaway show at other sports, bowling could be just as good.

A popular bowling alley in Dover, Ohio, is Boulevard Lanes. A family owned establishment for thirty years now, and still going strong. Researching some game scores, a total of seven people have scored perfect games, which is a score of 300. One of those seven, a man named Kevin Watson, actually scored two perfect games.

Interviewing a Garaway freshman, Faithann Horstmann, she was asked why Garaway should have a bowling team, responding with, “It would be fun to do as well as build character for some kids who don’t do many sports.” Another question was about the impact a bowling team would have- “A bowling team would have a positive impact, I think, building friendships and teaching responsibility.” The last question was why would you want to join, simply answering with “I think it would be fun and I am interested.”

Junior Kendall Reidenbach was also interviewed with the same questions. “I think it would be cool if Garaway had a bowling team. Having a sport such as bowling would allow an opportunity for students who aren't as athletic to get a chance to play varsity athletics. This would also give students another option to choose from in terms of participating in extracurricular activities.” Her response to impacts it could have was, “A bowling team or a bowling league would encourage students to do things outside of school and to make friendships they may not have made without bowling.” Finally, when asked if she would be apart of the team she replied, “I would definitely consider joining a bowling league. A lot of my friends enjoy bowling, so hanging out and competing with them would be fun.”

After interviewing students, I chose to talk to Garaway Principal Brian Gibson. Gibson said he would like the idea of Garaway having a bowling team at Garaway, saying he made a call to the Belden Center, the company who built the now-closed, Sugarcreek Lanes, about reopening, but there was no reply on the subject. When asked about impacts involving bowling, Gibson said, “I like it from the perspective, it is something that everyone can do. I think being involved is a key to success in school. This would give another opportunity. This is not saying we are or will start a bowling team these are my honest answers. We would have to look for a place to practice, coach, cost, etc…” Gibson had some great responses, and it would be nice to see the possibility, even if it might not be for a few years, it would be awesome to see a bowling team emerge from Garaway.

Bowling is a great sport, and to add more enjoyment and fun, music plays while people bowl. Rolling a polished resin, polyurethane ball, eating snacks and drinking soda and enjoying time with friends seems like a great sport to play, and the best part is, you still have fun. Many Garaway students seem to be on-board for supporting a team, only time will tell if it really happens.

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