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Mostly what happens in this world, the person having lots of money and who can fulfill his needs is known as rich but is he a real rich. Only to fulfill our needs do not show that we are real rich. The real rich is that person who has the money that is called the best qualities. if a person has good qualities in his heart then he can be said as real rich. It is said that 'Our god qualities makes us rich not the money'.

A poor beggar who has good qualities is much better than that rich who has lots of money but not a real heart. It is said by a great Indian poet Kabir Das ji that If a person takes birth in a rich family but if his heart is not full of love, kindness, emotions and if he can not understand any other person's feeling then it is worst for him to take birth in a rich family. A person living in a rich family but having bad qualities is same as the "wine kept in the golden vessel”. It is said that if wine is kept in the golden vessel then still it remains as a useless liquid for the saints.

Means wine kept in a golden vessel do not get converted in a holy liquid and hence it remains useless.

Many times I have seen that there are many rich person who makes fun of the poor and say that they are better than the poor but its not true, they are worst than a beggar having no money but good qualities. The biggest money of the poor’s is their good qualities. If there is an old lady, hungry since last 3 days and she says to you that 'please provide me some food, I am very hungry' and if you have sufficient money but can not provide some food to that old lady and you makes fun and If says 'Go from here, I can not help you' then how can you say that you are a rich people. So always try to become a real rich not try to become a fake rich.

"The person is the real rich and the best,
Who has heart full of love in his chest."

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