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Sound Money Movement

December 13, 2013
By TheWarden BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
TheWarden BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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For those who complain, I will offer a solution.

There is one global decentralized social change called the Sound Money Movement, of which I am a part of. The Sound Money Movement features a main goal of removing Fiat Currencies, such as the Canadian Dollar, from circulation and allowing all people to barter with Silver and Gold, which is Sound Money. First, let me explain the difference between what makes something a currency and what is money. For something to be qualified to be currency, it must be a medium of exchange, it must have a unit of account (5$, 10$, 20$, etc.), it must be durable, portable, and fungible which simply means each one is interchangeable, one dollar in my pocket buys the same amount as a dollar in your pocket. For something to qualify to be money, it must have all of these values and it must be a store of value over a long period of time ( The problem with the dollar is that it is Fiat, which is the Latin saying for "let it be done." The Canadian Government has simply created a banknote which value is enforced through the requirement for you to pay taxes in the future. The Government also ability to print more of their currency into circulation, which devalues the purchasing power of the dollars you have in your pocket and saved in your account. Also, it is illegal to refuse to accept a dollar in trade as it is "legal tender for all debts public and private;" so you will be prosecuted if you were to ever try to refuse to accept a dollar.

The three main actors in the precious metals market that are very involved within the media are Mike Maloney of, David Morgan of, and Eric Sprott, Canadian Billionaire and CEO of Sprott Asset Management. Mike Maloney has created a for-free series on YouTube named The Hidden Secrets of Money. This five part series was paid for through the revenue of his precious metals business; David Morgan has a YouTube channel and two blogs; and The Morgan Report pod cast which features many other precious metals financial analysts, market analysts, and even some advocates from the Gold Anti-Trust Association (Morgan, David, and Bill Murphy). As for Eric Sprott, he is a Canadian Billionaire with multiple hundreds of millions in asset management. He appears frequently within mainstream media (Cambridge House) and alternative media via Skype Calls; some hosts of his shows include Elijah Johnson, Greg Mannarino (Mannarino, Greg, and Elijah Johnson), and Chris Duane (Morgan, David, and Chris Duane), all prevalent individuals within the sound money movement. In conclusion, we will see if the lessons from these market analysts come true within the near future, in the meanwhile I have some preparations to make for the greatest wealth transfer of all time and therefore the greatest opportunity that mankind will ever see.

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