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The Meaning of Dress

December 8, 2012
By RahulVerma GOLD, Hardoi (u.p.), Other
RahulVerma GOLD, Hardoi (u.p.), Other
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As we all know that to cover the body we wear clothes and a fix set of clothes is called as a “Dress”. Every dress has its shelf symbol. Every dress shows the background of the owner of that dress.

A dress which a student wears that is unique and a dress which a policeman wears that is also unique. If they wear a unique dress it means that there is also something unique in that dresses which we wear. In other words the dress which a policeman and a student wears that shows respect, honesty, faithfulness towards the work that is given to them.

If someone is insulting to your dress it means he is insulting about you and yours respect, honesty, faithfulness towards that dress and the work for which you wore that dress. We should feel proud in being the owner of that dress which is wear by us. If any dirty spot get printed on your dress it means the dirty spot is printed in your honesty, faithfulness and duty. This tells that something is left in your working way.

By looking the condition of any dress we can guess about the condition of the owner of that dress and by looking the type of dress we can say that the owner of that dress is policeman, lawyer, student, air hostess, postman, teacher, driver, judge, army officer or any other. A dress may be dirty or very dirty and a dress also may be clean or very clean. The cleanliness towards the dress shows the respect, honesty, faithfulness against the work that is given.

For example – The school ties of the students are also the part of their school dress. Suppose when it falls down and an another student put his foot on that fallen tie it means the student who put his foot on tie is not respect his school dress and he does not cares about his duty. Similarly a turban and the shoes is also show the condition of the owner.

So, we need to be serious about the condition of our dress because “The dress is the mirror of the duty and work given to us”.

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This article tells us about our responsibilities.

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