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WAIT! That much for a textbook I'll only use once?!

July 20, 2012
By Sndtrck2yrlfe BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
Sndtrck2yrlfe BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela.

When purchasing textbooks for the first time, it can actually come as a shock to those entering university from high school. Even if you know it does cost a bit for textbooks, it can still come as a surprise. When researching the prices - and amount of books - required for my first semester, I was determined to find a way to offset the costs. If I was to only use the textbook once, I wanted to make the most of the resources available to help with the costs. How do you offset the costs? Here are some useful tips for you!

ONLINE WEBSITES: From personal experience, I have begun to compare the prices (of the specific edition utilized by the course) of the textbooks within the university bookstore website to Amazon and Chapters. While there are a few books that are lower in price by purchasing the items on the specific university's website, it can be cheaper to purchase them through external websites like Amazon and Chapters. Depending on your order, amount spent, etc., your shipping can be covered as well.

STUDENTS: With students who are aspiring to get rid of those textbooks they will never use again, they can sell them back to the university's bookstore or sell them to those entering the courses themselves. By getting them from students, you can offset costs and not have to wait in long line-ups at the bookstore or wait for your books to come in from online sources. However, be sure that those utilized previously are in the same edition as your course! You can find students at your university selling their books on websites, Facebook, classified ads, or in person.

USED BOOKS: By purchasing the textbooks used through the university bookstore, you are able to get the same books offered new at a discounted price.

EBOOKS: If you can study on a screen, purchasing the ebook equivalent may be a perfect resource for you. The online versions are less expensive than their print equivalents. You can print out the pages that you wish to and are able to write and highlight as much as you wish. If you are on an ereader, depending on the version, you can even highlight and make notes on the screen!

WAIT: In some courses, the course materials listed online to be purchased may not actually be used by the professor. While this may not be the most convinient method, especially spending valuable time waiting in line at the bookstore, you can save money.

APPLY: Apply to scholarships , provincial student loans programs, and bursaries. While it is not a guaranteed way to finance your education, you will never know if you can get something if you don't apply! Any amount you can receive is a lessend amount to that you have to purchae on your own. If you are able to handle part-time employment during your education, do so. Apply for jobs during your time off next summer to help assist in the costs next year.

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I hope this will assist others seeking post-secondary education.

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