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going to college for money is like going to hell for ice

December 12, 2011
By Anonymous

A lot of people say that going to college will help you make more money in life. Counselors say that because you spent 4 years at a university you will get a much bigger paycheck. The truth however, is that college for most people, is a long climb into a huge trap. True, getting a good degree will help you make a better paycheck, but how much better? Often, any extra money that college graduates make will be going to their student loans.

There are also many people who believe that just by getting a degree, they will suddenly be a lot better off. I think that is one of the biggest lies. A degree in art history sounds fun, but businesses don’t need someone that can tell them about the artist of the painting in the lobby, but cannot make a spreadsheet. The truth is that there is just not a big demand for art history majors.

I would just like to stress that I AM NOT saying that people shouldn’t go to college. By all means if a career that interests you, such as engineering or pharmacist, requires schooling, then hit the books. What I am saying though, is that if someone goes to college just to get a better paycheck, they will be in for a rough surprise. This I believe.

The author's comments:
I do plan on going to college because i want to be an engineer. This article is for those people who think any degree like "art history" can help them anywhere.

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