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On no! More vocabulary words. How many more do I have to study?!



SAT. What in the world does that mean? Scholastic Aptitude Test does not mean a thing to me. The SAT is a dreaded and painstaking test that every high school student needs to take to apply to most colleges. How well students do on this particular test seems to determine whether or not they get into the college of their choice. Who knows why every teenager has to take this, but what I do know is that the SAT kills most of us. Why do most colleges in the country look at these numbers from your SATs? What is the point? I am having a hard time understanding the concept of the SATs. They make us study our brains off to take a three hour test just to see how many vocabulary words and math problems we can solve correctly.

During high school, students are under a lot of pressure. While moving up the ladder in high school, students begin to face more and more challenges. The Achievements, PSATs and the SATs are all stressful tests which we must face in order to graduate and enter college. I feel that there is too much emphasis placed on the outcome of these tests.

Why must we take this test so seriously? What this test shows is whether or not you test well. I see no point in the SAT exam and feel that many other people feel the same way as I do. I feel that judging solely on SAT scores is an inaccurate evaluation of your ability. Some students have private tutors while others are left to tutor themselves. Good schools versus bad schools, test taking ability versus bad test taking ability are all some examples of how the SAT is inaccurate. When applying to college, I feel that grades are a much more important factor. If you have good grades and bad SAT, it shows that you do not test very well. SATs should not be as important as grades and the level of classes you have taken.

Banning the SATs from existence would not be a good idea. I feel that students should take the test to see how well they understand English and math. I do not think that the SAT is wrong, I just feel that people should not put as big an emphasis on it and it should only be used as a guideline in determining a student's abilities.

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