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   Nowadays, the emphasis on college is extraordinary. It seems that people are only interested in the name rather than what really counts. Personally I feel that it is a great accomplishment just to go to college, never mind the requirements to get in and the competitiveness of the school. You can get the same education no matter where you go. It is what you put into the school that you get out. I also find that all the hype about the admissions process has gotten out of hand.

I honestly believe, sad to say, that the admissions process is pure luck. No one can tell me that admissions people sit down and read thousands of applications thoroughly. I know if I were one of these people, I wouldn't be able to. It's a difficult and lengthy process.

Although it is hard to do (especially seeing stress victims every day at school), I try to tell myself that if I don't happen to get into the school of my choice, then maybe there was a reason, and I'm sure that I'll find a school where I will be happy. The difficult thing about applying is that you never can be sure what schools you can definitely get into. Yes, I have heard of "safety" schools, but take the case of my brother, who was sure he would get into his safety school, but was he wrong! What seemed ironic is that he was accepted to his "reach" school. Things worked out for the better, but this sure made me nervous and annoyed!

I am not trying to discourage people; I am just trying to prove a point. Yes, it is saddening to hear that you have not been accepted to a college that you would really have liked to go to. But don't look at this as a failure, but as a stepping stone to overcoming rejection, which some of us have yet to face. As long as you know you've tried your very hardest and done your best, you should be proud of yourself. And as far as the college you attend, or happen to take a liking to, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just about the only time you can act selfishly and not listen to others is as a graduating senior striving to find a place where she or he will be happy. Please, take advantage of it while you can. v

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