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   Last night I went to a college fair. Why are they called "Fairs"? They're definitely not fun like a fair or as exciting as a fair. In fact, I think they're horrible.

Along all the walls of the school were table after table of college representatives. Their banners neatly hanging over the edge of the table so you could read the name of the school and location, the folded cardboard-like display with pictures of happy students with that college's name and logo on it, the piles of pamphlets and pens and business cards that they're so happy to give away. It's as if the more booklets they give away the more successful the night has been.

The representatives all have one of three looks. The first is the Cornell-type look. These representatives all have a smug sort of smile. They are being bombarded with eager students and more eager parents all asking the same questions. Yet these representatives like it. They thrive on the same questions over and over again. They feel that since their college has lots of interested students, they can intimidate everyone. These are the ones who ask: "You got what on the SATs?" and "You haven't applied anywhere yet?" After these representatives are through, you're afraid to even apply.

The second type of representatives are the ones who look sad and lonely. They stare out into space with a pleading look. They say "hello" to everyone and try to drag students in. They have a no-name college that could be a fine school, but since no one is talking to them, even the unsure students are afraid to go. These are the representatives that most students run by because we all know that once you get pulled to that table, you're stuck there for half the night.

The third type of representative is the I-don't-care type. Usually these colleges come in pairs. The representatives stand behind the display and talk to the college representative next to them. You almost feel bad walking up to them because you don't want to interrupt their conversation. You quietly walk up to them, take a little address card and fill it out. The only time that they ever say anything to you is when you hand back your card and they say, "Have any questions?" Of course you do, but you never ask them. You just shake your head and walk away.

These college fairs are terrible yet every time there is one we all flock to them like they're some sort of fancy nightclub. The only really good part is when you get home and take out all your new pens and pencils. v

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