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October 18, 2007
By Anonymous

In this lifetime, millions of people around the world watch TV. This wonderful gadget is used to keep the world more connected than ever. Some people find it as a useful tool and others assume it is a brain draining instrument. They just don’t see how important the implement is, and they just don’t have a good enough argument that says otherwise. TV helps kids learn, to keep people up with today’s happenings, and brings the family together. The TV is essential to life as it is now.
People not in favor of TV being a dependent instrument that everyone needs are always claiming that it brainwashes others. I fully oppose. Bad influences down the street or in school would be way worse. They think it gives people bad ideas and I am not saying it doesn’t but even if it was feasible to eliminate all the awful things on TV you would still have problems outside the TV box. It is human nature to cause chaos, and it is true that without TV there is less crime you also have to see the good things that TV brings you.
TV helps people know about what is going on in this world. They tell you if a child has been kidnapped or if there is a murderer around and even if there is a drought and you need to save water. Even though we do have alternative methods of finding out information it doesn’t spread the word as fast or to as many people as the TV does. It keeps us together so we can be informed on any matter.
Another point that is often raised is that it hurts your eyes. Now tell me how your eyes are damaged unless you are literally in the screen? If anyone watches TV like that they are either blind and need some glasses or they need to go outside or participate other activities. This is another factor that has nothing to do with TV, obesity.
Obesity has to do with the type of person because not everybody is sucked into the TV. It is the type of person that needs to be told to get up and get the house that is the problem. Furthermore, people do not feel the same way as others do. Family and friends, even themselves should be more careful to minimize the amount of TV they watch.
Again, I am not saying that TV doesn’t have its down sides because there are things that shouldn’t be shown to people that have no morals. I also agree that we need to make sure that we need to control our TV watch to have less problems like obesity. However, I am sure that TV is necessary, because of all the good affects that it has on us. And I’m sure that it will continue to greatly benefit the world of today and tomorrow.

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