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September 27, 2007
By Anonymous

Routine… Routine… Routine… That’s what life is all about either you like it or not. I like to change myself and I try very hard but the more I try, the more I fail and the deeper I fall into the well of boredom and the deeper I go under in the sea of disappointment. Even if you change then logically your routine is to change. There is no way you can ever live a life with no routine interfere. Nevertheless, routine is not always a bad thing. Some people like to follow a certain principle or belief in need to be independent and responsible. At the same time, there are some people that can’t see anything else because of the belief on which they were raised. There are people who were born to live by the rules and consider routine as their guardian that would never let them fall or make a mistake and protect them against everything bad that might happen to them, as a defense mechanism, and never even let themselves dream of anything else or imagine breaking the rules. But, sooner or later, they’ll wake up one day and find themselves a 70-year-old man/woman sitting in a wheelchair looking at the sky and cursing themselves for doing so.
I believe routine is a very dangerous concept, if you live by it, you can either have a good life or don’t have a life at all. However, if you don’t, you’ll either become a genius and invent something that will probably kill you or have a shallow life where reading the newspaper is a dangerous action that can lead to disaster as it may lead to suicide after knowing that your football team has lost or that your favorite singer has died. In the end, you either have a nervous breakdown or live happily ever after under the belief that a genie will appear someday and change your life!

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