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January 31, 2023
By MustafaAbbasi BRONZE, Karachi, Other
MustafaAbbasi BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Social media is the name of relation among people in which they produce, share and exchange details and objectives in unacknowledged communities and webs.


There are so many advantages of social media like;

• You can connect yourself to world in seconds.

• Through social media you can learn whatever you want.

• It is source of awareness for people.

• you can send your message to public or anybody else.

• You can talk to the person from other country and you can share thoughts and feelings in each other.

• You can raise money for lethal diseases, for underprivileged areas etc.

• If you connected emotionally with social media so you can get sympathies and prayers of people.

• Last but not least that you can entertain yourself through social media.


If something has advantages so absolutely it has disadvantages too for instance;

• Social media made distances among people it's really bad because sometimes we send only a text to people on death, but we should go and visit them, leastwise we have to give them a hug and make them comfort.

• Sometimes we need to give time to our family but we are busy on Social media it can leave negative effect on our family members.

• Posting a bad comment on public post isn't a good thing, but it's trend on social media to make fun of something.

• Through social media you can't make memories with your friends, family members, because you aren't present physically.

• People have a lot of misunderstanding on social media like if a person say words on public post so due to lack of education and experience people took it in a bad way.

• Some fake news, threats, alleged spread only for fame and it makes distance to know the truth.

• Through hacking hackers make threats for people, they demand money from them through social media.

• Excessive use of social media make you cross.

• Addiction found in youth which makes them disobedient.


Today the users of social media is about 63.5% of the world population.


The first identifiable social media site, Six degrees, was invented in 1997. This app enabled the features for users that they can upload a profile and make friends to other users. After this gradually the all social media sites invented.


Social media finished the distances to the world. It is very helpful for All of us but again depend on us how we use it. If you are working faraway from your family you can talk to them by face to face through social media. If you haven't got time for getting physical education you can learn by social media like YouTube. Social media made easier to live a life. You can start your business direct on social media. In last I wanna say that without social media a person faraway from every single thing.

The author's comments:

Everything has advantages and disadvantages too but we've to work on advantages to keep us in a positive way.

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on Feb. 10 at 1:09 pm
Ameena3010 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Wow you explained very well about Social media.

on Feb. 8 at 3:26 pm
Warisha-213 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Your article is very informative and interesting. Keep writing my dear, looking forward to reading more from you.🌹