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10 ways to become more efficient and productive.

November 9, 2020
By AnsulBlogs BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
AnsulBlogs BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"you need to light your brain up even if there is no light around you" - Quoted by me myself.

Introduction :

Remember, no one is born with skills or productiveness. It depends on ones decision whether he / she wants to waste the life in overthinking and repeating mistakes (mind it ! mistakes are good to be conducted but not to be repeated. Mistakes are the building blocks of one’s personality) or to enjoy life by staying organized and productive.


Articles are not magic words that you just become productive and organised by reading them. For becoming productive and organised you need to work both hard and smart to achieve it.


In this article i will be sharing 10 tricks / ways with you which can help you in becoming productive and organised.


So, Let us start !

1) Arranging calls to company executives for free.


This trick can be very useful to new learners and beginners. When ever you are idle or not doing anything then you can call a company executive by their helpline number and can talk to them about your goals and plans. This will reduce your nervousness and anxiety . This will even teach you how to portrait yourself in front of others by just using words.


For eg : Let me share a secret with you. When I started blogging and was a beginner, I didn’t knew much about blogging obviously. So, I used to call the company who has sold me the hosting plan and they had a call option in their helpline in which you can clarify all your doubts, therefore I learnt many things by calling them. You can even call any companies’ support and ask them about their company.


If you are thinking this as a time waste then mind it ! Once just try it, at least for 10 mins. This call will be more productive and organised than the Birthday calls which you guys arrange exactly at 12 am for your fake friends.


Bonus point:


For the ones who are wanting or are going to call other company’s executive.

Record your calls :

Have you ever called any company’s help support ? If not then let me tell you that the first thing they say is that this call may be recorded for QUALITY and INTERNAL PURPOSES.


So, yes. I am asking you to do the same. You also need to record your calls when you are talking to someone official and check whether you were nervous at any part of the call or not. Also check the following :


Was I logical ?

Did i make good points ?

Did i sound optimistic (Remember sounding optimistic really matters.)

Did i stammer ?

and many more based on your needs.

It is very important for you to have a smile on your face even if you are on a call. In USA companies teach call support executives that how to sound optimistic and happy to their customers.


2) Learn to listen :





The biggest communication problem today is that we do not listen to understand we just listen to reply. You need to understand that this world is giving you answers each day, you just need to listen.


People are buying specific courses so that they can learn how to listen. So start making a habit from today or buy courses in future. Its totally on you.


Do not ever term the person in in front of you illogical by seeing his wealth or dressing sense. You are no one to judge their ideas, just feel blessed that they are sharing it with you.


The most important thing : Smart people would not repeat the important phrases for you. Do not expect them to exaggerate the important sentences. They would not elaborate each word for you. Its just YOU who need to catch everything on one go, then you will be able to seek the most out of the conversation with smart people.


Remember, everything would not be spoon fed to you in life. (Wise words)


3) Imagine yourself in situations that you have never been in :


This may be a part of overthinking but chill, even overthinking can be fruitful in many ways only if it is till an extent.


As the title suggests, you need to create artificial situations by yourself and put yourself in that situation. Now you need to think that how are you going to tackle that particular situation.


After you have thought it, Implement the good things from it in your daily life. If the situation turned dangerous and captive then take required measures in reality to avoid them.


For eg : (I have already done this) I created a situation that I am in my house and suddenly an earthquake appears to come from nowhere (big earthquake ! ).


So what will I do next ? First my whole family needs to be shifted to a safe place and secondly we need to carry all the important legal documents.(Documents like property, identification, reports etc.) .


But, the problem is that all the documents are scattered everywhere so it will be time taking for us to find each of the document and take them. Hence we are trapped.


So, The first thing I will do in reality is to inform my parents about this situation. I will suggest them to keep all the documents in one place, in one bag, in one cupboard. So that in case of emergency we can head out with that particular bag of documents. Therefore this thinking lead to future insurance.


One more example : I once thought that what if I am sitting below a ceiling fan and it falls, obviously I will die.


So, I made a resolution that I am never going to loose my focus whenever I am sitting below a ceiling fan.


4) Do not ever share your goals / plans with anyone.


Please do not point me wrong. I want to say that if you are working alone to achieve your goals then you must not share your plans or ideas with others. But if you are working on a huge plan which needs a group of people then obviously you will have to share your plans and ideas to increase the productivity of your group.


Let me share my personal belief with you.


I personally believe that Knowledge does not always increases by sharing. It will be just an open exposure of your plans and ideas if the person you are sharing with is quite.


Let me explain : When does knowledge increase by sharing ? It will only get increased if the person in in front of you is even sharing his/her ideas.


Imagine the opposite now : If you are sharing your ideas or plans with someone then it should be mutual and not one sided. If you are going on sharing and the person in front of you is silent then you are in a total loss. You just exposed your plans to your competitor !


So , Beware and speak whenever its required. Do not just go on sharing ideas to make an image of yours in the person in front of you.


The most important thing : You should not share ideas but you should definitely show your success. Do not share ideas but yes convert them into products and sell them. (This is what an Entrepreneur does)


I think you already grasped my belief. It depends on you. Do whatever you feel is fruitful as everyone is different and has different situations.


5) Learn to influence people:


These are some ways to influence and win people which are suggested by Dale Carnegie. (Dale Carnegie is the author of the best selling book “How to win friends and influence people”)


(I have mentioned each and every way which was suggested by Sir Dale Carnegie)


This book is a must read! You can buy it from Amazon by clicking the amazon page below! Its on SALE !





The effective ways are :


If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically

Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct.

Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.

Begin with praise and honest appreciation.

Let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers.

Let the other person do a great deal of the talking.

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the most sweetest and the most important sound in any language.

Let the other person save face.

Make the other people feel important and do it sincerely.


Arouse in other person an eager want.

Dramatize your ideas.

Become genuinely interested in other people.

Begin in a friendly way.

Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

Appeal to the nobler motives.

Give sincere and honest appreciation.

Do not flatter.

Call attention to people’s mistake indirectly.

Throw down a challenge.

Take in terms of the other person’s interests.

Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.

Honey, Learn how to uplift others even though you are not getting paid. But never ever expect something from someone. You also need to learn how to uplift yourself.


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6) Do not follow anyone blind folded.


Part 1 – Do not follow quotes blindly.

This is also very much required. In today’s generation the people belonging to my age group (teenage) just read motivational quotes which are quoted by successful people and become excited and think that everything is a child play.


Students nowadays are not studying and are scoring bad marks. After scoring bad they just hide behind this phrase that ” Marks does not matters”. Even I agree with this that marks does not matter but the point is that knowledge matters.


I want to convey that it is not always good to follow successful people blindly. Your life may have some obstacles which the successful people don’t. So, Be yourself.


Part 2 – Do not follow anyone blindly.


By this I mean that even if someone is there with you since a year, do not trust them blindly.


Remember that there are huge chances that the person who flatters you the most is the one who is the most fake and is accompanying you because of his or hers own interest and profit.


7) Write Emails to big companies.


Whenever you need help or support from a company, there is a huge chance that they will now provide you a call support. As per my experience, I have to handle everything through emails. Approaching companies, increasing engagement, gathering traffic to my site and many more things depends on the quality of Email.


I would suggest you to write emails to companies whenever you need support. Your email will get a reply within one business day. You will also have to check the quality of the replied email.


Believe me you will get to know many things by doing this.


You will learn how to convey your ideas within the minimum use of words. Usually big emails look hectic to the reader and the reader looses his or hers interest.

Email writing will teach you how to approach people. (approaching is vital for every business)

Bonus tip – Your email will be more productive if the pronoun ‘You’ is used more.

Email writing will teach you how to be formal. Being formal is not easy. In real life you can just wear a formal dress and yes you managed to look formal but in the Email you will have to use good vocabulary to decorate your email. Usage of good and precise words will impress the reader and the reader will build interest for you and your upcoming mails. Forget about your dull school’s writing please. The articles, essays and letter that we write in schools are dull and not impressive. You will have to entertain your customer ? reader by your emails, then only you can expect a good sale or read.

If you are a sale executive then Email must be playing a important role in your life. For those who are not aware let me tell you that one of the most successful ways to advertise is to advertise through Email (known as Email Marketing).

7) Read as much as you can.


Dump the feeling that you know everything. A person learns a new thing even if he reads the same book for the second time.


Reading will help you in increasing imagination and concentration which will be a important part while you are planning. So indirectly reading is connected to plan making.


Reading will increase your vocabulary and a person with a good vocabulary can win people easily, it can be an important part for setting up first impressions.


Reading will give you knowledge about many things which you didn’t even thought about. Reading is magic. You literally wouldn’t know that the most small thing around you had such deep meanings.


Reading will help you gain experience about the whole world as you will be seeing someone’s real life struggle or problems that person had.


Reading will showcase other’s prospective to you. Which is very fruitful.


8) Learn to move silently.


By this I definitely don’t want to say that you start working like thieves and move silently. I want to say that Once you have got an idea and you have build your perfect plan, do not just go and share it with someone and ask for the feedback. This the the game of life. The mistakes you will perform will be more precious than the feedback that someone gives.


Be independent of others. Just do whatever you feel is correct and try to do whatever you feel is correct. It is obvious that you can make mistakes buy the mistakes you make will be the building blocks of your personality and future,


Yes, now back on topic. Once you know that you have a plan with yourself, start implementing it into phrases (don’t rush, be calm ). People will definitely do their work, that is seeking information about you and judging you. You do whatever you want but do not give people the privilege to hinder your day or your thinking.


Do not be a open book, try to be locked like a treasure or a mobile phone. The person with the key can access it. (key here means the capable people)


Showcase your personality but not your plans. You obviously do not need to stay silent. Interact as much as possible but till an extent. Engage with people but do not let them engage with your ideas.


One day your ideas will turn to a fruitful product which will showcase all the hard work and smart work that you have put in.


Yes ! on that day your success will shout for you on the people who used to bark at you.


9) Time management.


Time Management is the process in which you will make a organised and perfect time schedule which will help you in achieving more in less time. A good and precise time management will lead to increase of productivity by working smart and not hard. A poor time schedule will hinder your productiveness and effectiveness, it will also give gift you mental stress.


There are 24 hours in a day for everyone, then why is someone so productive and someone is not at all. This is the play of time.


Ever thought about this quote deeply ? “Time is more precious than money”


Time is indeed more precious than money or gems. I will be sharing some deep thoughts after giving this example.


Example- Imagine, you are appearing for an exam and you luckily know all the answers and can get full marks but there is no time left. Hence even if you had the resource you were not able to use it as you did not have time.


Deep thoughts about Time :


Imagine if your dad is a hard worker sales man and gets 30,000 rupees as his salary every month. One day you suddenly demand for a new phone and your dad gifts you a phone worth 30,000 rupees, then it simply means that your dad gave 1 month of his life to buy you that phone.

A man is lying on his hospital bed, heading towards death. Imagine someone asking him whether he wants time now or money.

The biggest irony is that you need time to earn money and you need time to spend money,

10) Start saving money. Buy what is needed.


People believe that Income – Expenditure = savings , but I totally disagree this. The correct formula should be Income – Savings = Expenditure. This means that after yo get paid, remove a part from it and save it as your savings and use the left over money. I personally believe that 20 % of your income should go to your savings. (Even the popular 50/30/20 rule suggests that.). out of the total 20 % savings, keep 10 – 15 % as retirement fund and 5 – 10% as emergency fund.


Do not ever buy unwanted stuff. It is the most unproductive things which students do. Now you will ask that “Ansul, how do we know that what is useful and what is not” Good question ! I made a trick to judge between useful and waste. The trick is to imagine that if you buy something and after 1 month of that purchase someone comes and ask you to sell that thing in same price and you agree to sell, then that thing is useless and if you do not agree then it is useful.


Let me elaborate that why you should not buy useless stuff.


Imagine, You open your cupboard one day and found a shelf where unwanted branded clothes are kept -you did not even wear them once- and you just ignored them. But imagine if you did not waste tour money by buying them then there would be money kept on that shelves instead of the unwanted clothes. So which is more useful ? Money or unwanted clothes. If somehow you chose unwanted clothes then I have nothing to say 🙂


Buy what you need and ignore what you do not, ignore even if all your friends are buying it.

The author's comments:

This blog contains 10 ideas which can be used to be more efficient and productive. 

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