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Music Around the World

May 24, 2019
By eric12345 BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
eric12345 BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
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Music is what unifies the world. Music motivates, alleviates, and most importantly, connects all of us together; by appreciating each other's cultural music we are then appreciating everyone’s differences. Not only can we learn about other culture’s traditions through diverse music, but we can also learn more about our own culture through our own music. The diversity within music not only makes us knowledgeable about other cultures but through music we are able to explore and become more knowledgeable about our own cultures as well.

Through music, many young children are able to implement more diverse customs to society. “Music is a means of enculturation and socialization helping the youngsters of the culture to integrate into their societies. Similarly, children singing songs from foreign countries can also be informed of unfamiliar cultures and increase their knowledge and understanding of those cultures,” (Patricia M. 2016, 248). It is important that children would be able to learn about other cultures to become conventional through the exposure of different cultural songs. With the fulfillment of children becoming more accustomed to different cultures, many would be able to contribute different outlooks within society. As more schools implementing diversity, cultural music has become more apparent.

It is important for schools to advocate for the implementation of different cultures as to not devalue other students but rather accept their differences. “Music teachers can encourage children to explore the musical traditions of their own cultural heritage as well as those of other countries,” (Sylvia 2005, 1). More schools with music programs have been striving to supply students with more culturally different musical traditions, thus educating young children to be more accepting of others while being proud of their own cultures. Music reflects every-day aspects and problems that are present in different countries. “[music] increasingly brings together a huge range of cultures and histories, through developments in world music… ” (DeNora and Vuoskoski 2015, 1). Though the expression of music we are able to cope with the different and various aspects that plague our lives.

Through diversity that is represented in the music industry, it contributes to the acceptance of different cultures around the world. Along with educating young children more about the different cultures around the world, it is also important to encourage these children to learn and accept their own cultures. This newly found knowledge allows us to become more accepting of the abundant cultures around the world within our society.

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