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Cross Country Actually Exists

November 26, 2018
By Rue878 BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
Rue878 BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
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Issue Date:November 18

Section #1 Pg. #30

“Cross Country Actually Exists,”written by Brook B., talks about how cross country actually exists.My opinion of the article makes me happy and a little angry. I agree and I can relate because when it was football and cross country season. All you heard was, “Come supports the Pilot football team on Friday night,” but you almost never heard them say, “Come supports cross country.” The only time they did say it was when we won regionals. I understand what the article is saying. I am not surprised. Yes, I do see the same issue. Like said before, they only care about football and volleyball, and almost never cross country. The article is written well. Yes, the arguments are strong and valid. I am not left confused by anything.The author wrote, ”You get the t-shirts and the announcements reminding the entire school about how you play Flower Mound this coming Friday night.” The author wrote, ”Our hard work doesn’t get appreciated and administrators still wonder why our school spirit is so low.”

The author's comments:

I run Cross Country and I agree totally with the article

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