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By Anonymous

Dear College, I would very much like to attend your school, despite my non-existent 4.0 GPA and below-average SAT scores. Sorry, but I am not a straight-A student nor a n...

livegracefully BRONZE, Laveen, Arizona
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#3 College Guide
Clare_C BRONZE, San Diego, California
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#4 College Guide
By lizdiego7 BRONZE
Auburn, New York
lizdiego7 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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By Rachel G.
Los Alamitos, CA

     You see them in the halls, in a daze, stumbling toward their classes. Their faces are ashen with fatigue; their spines are bent under the weight of a...

College Guide
By Sophie Wasserman
San Diego, CA
College Guide
By Mayra Diaz BRONZE
Barrington, Illinois
Mayra Diaz BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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Zinkerman SILVER, Houston, Texas
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