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Name Essay Conor

March 7, 2022
By Conor24s BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Conor24s BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The name Conor is short and rocky. It is not a welcoming name and is associated with aggression and nature. nature like the deep woods.


I feel like my name fits. 

It shows that I am different from the rest. that my name isn't spelt with two N’s. that I don't always enjoy being in big crowds. that I may not enjoy doing the basic things in life, but enjoy adventure and trying new things like cliff jumping.


Conor McGregor, one of the most well known fighters in the world. I feel like Conor McGregor perfectly represents me. he loves to get in his competition's head, he is a fighter, someone that doesn't give up. He is someone that uses his opponents and rivals to fuel his success. He always drives to be better and he always wants to be his better self. 


But I am also calm. I don't talk, and I keep to myself. I am not always loud, and I don't always see everything as a competition. I just want to enjoy the little things in life. I like going to the beach and just sitting there in the sun. I enjoy playing games like football. 


My name doesn't come from anything in particular. it wasn't passed down my family like the name Mike has for the past 3 generations. and although it would be cool to carry on that name, I am glad I didn’t. I am not the mini version of my great grandfathers, my grandpas, my dad, I am Conor, I am myself.

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