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If I was mayor of my town

November 27, 2019
By Anonymous

If I were mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, I would address multiple issues in the city. I would address the huge amount of trash in the streets, the many people who are homeless or need jobs, the number of activities that could use volunteers to help, and I would try to greatly decrease the high murder rate. First, I would address the abundance of trash in the streets. Because of the large amount of trash in the streets, it pollutes the earth. With all this trash, people and animals could be harmed. To fix this problem, I would have volunteer work for children, teenagers, and adults to help pick up the trash. They would come, grab a trash bag and gloves to begin. I would tell schools about this problem all over Louisiana to volunteer. Second, I would address that there are too many people homeless or living a poor life in Louisiana. If the homeless could go to a place to get taught to work for a specific job, then there won’t be as many homeless people. By doing this they could possibly apply for a real job and if they get it, then they would be able earn money for their personal life. They could use this money for their pet, if they have one, clothes, transportation, food, shelter, and many other necessities they may need. Third, I would address the many activities that could use volunteers to help. In Louisiana, there are many runs, fairs, and other activities that need extra help. Young children like kids in girl scouts and boy scouts could learn to help out and do service work for others in need. Students in high school could also earn service hours for working. Parents could come join the others helping to be kind. Last, I would adress the high murder rate. Louisiana is the murder capatial of the United States. Our state has recently passed a law letting citizens apply for a handgun permit that can last a life time. People in Louisiana can freely go around without a permit needed under the state’s open carry law. This is very unsafe for others who live in Louisiana and our visitors. Because the state allows this, more people are being injured or possibly killed. If more people were to get killed or injured, this increases the murder rate and will not attract people to the state. If we could stop this, more visitors would see the true beauty of Louisiana and the locals would be safer. If I was mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, I would address the main issues of the trash in the streets, the need of help for service activites, and the high murder rate to try to make Louisiana an overall better state and a safer environment to be involved in.

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In this article, I talk about what I would personally do if I was mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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