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HeateEissilent BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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xxbloodyroses66 SILVER, Huntsville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Ever feel like life's a play, and you're the only one who didn't get a script?"

By EmerWick BRONZE
Kutztown, Pennsylvania
EmerWick BRONZE, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." Kurt Vonnegut

By Meko8195
Dover, Pennsylvania
Meko8195, Dover, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
The pressure makes us stronger, the struggle makes us hunger; the hard lessons make the difference...and the difference makes it worth it.

By TheForgottenPoet
Greenville, South Carolina
TheForgottenPoet, Greenville, South Carolina
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By Macman11231 BRONZE
Rhinebeck, New York
Macman11231 BRONZE, Rhinebeck, New York
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