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Diary of a Gang Member

Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is about a girl that's had to many people die in her life, and she forget's what life really is. She forget's that life can be happy. Then she sees what life truly is, and that true love does exist. But sometimes, love can mean death.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Five

I showed up at the meeting place for all La Mort’s. So this is what the shed looks like. Well it’s not exactly a shed. They call it a shed so if someone says “Meet me at the shed,” and someone we don’t want to hear it does, they’ll just look for regular shed’s. This was a building. An old school building actually. We all met on the second floor, but I was still on the bottom, walking to the room that Jacket described to me when he texted me.
I walked to two large doors and pulled them apart to be exposed to a huge empty room. Well… mostly empty. There was a table. It had a long candle stick on it. When I walked closer to it I could see two little glints on the table on opposite ends. Then the doors closed behind me. I spun around. “Jacket?” I called.
No one answered.
“Jacket? Very funny. Where are you?”
I started walking to the doors. Then I heard something like a lighter being lit behind me. I spun around to see that the candle stick was lit and that the glints on the table where plates. I guess that me and Jacket are having dinner.
I looked up to find Jacket, only, the thing is, it wasn’t Jacket that was there. It was Fang.
I didn’t even bother talking to him I kept walking toward the door. How dare he text me acting like he was Jacket and have me meet him here and then make a stupid romantic dinner for us when he knows that I LIKE JACKET NOT HIM AND JACKET LIKES ME!
“Mia wait!” he yelled, and he ran in front of the door just in time to catch me.
“No. Get out of my way,” I said to him in a flat voice.
“Just listen to me!” he yelled.
“I’m good.”
He sighed. “Do you think that this is me trying to set up a date with you?” he asked me.
I stared at him. “That’s not what this is?”
He shook his head. “No. But that would’ve been a good idea to get you to show up.”
I glared at him. “Why did you act like you were Jacket?”
“Because you wouldn’t have shown up.”
“You’re right, I wouldn’t have. What do you want?”
“You to do something for me.”
I stared at him for a long time. “What do you need?”
“Do you know our little friend Hannah?” he asked me.
Oh. This was a mission. I turned around and walked to the table, Fang right behind me. I sat down at the table and Fang sat across from me. He pulled out a pizza box and a slice of pepperoni pizza on my plate.
I looked down at the pizza then at Fang and laughed. He seemed shocked and gave a confused smile. “What’s so funny?”
“You just… you turned off the lights, set up candles, put out really nice plates like a really expensive dinner, and you serve me pizza?”
He smiled now to. “Yeah I guess.”
I shook my head, still smiling, and picked up my pizza and started eating. After I got done with that slice, I reached over and took another one. Fang just stared.
“What?” I asked.
“You just grabbed another piece.”
I nodded my head. “Yeah. That’s what you do when you’re still hungry and there’s more to eat,” I said to him in a well-duh voice.
He kept looking at me. “Why is it such a big deal that I got another piece of pizza?” I asked.
He shrugged. “In front of guys girls usually try to eat a little so they don’t look like hogs.”
I laughed. So that’s why he was staring. “You think it’s weird that I don’t care what you think?” I asked him.
He shrugged. “Most girls rarely eat around here. Well, in front of me they don’t eat at all.”
“Duh. You’re like super hot and they want to seem really thin and pretty and weak so you’ll feel the need to protect them or because they don’t want to seem like they eat a lot.”
“So you admit that I’m super hot?” he asked, wriggling his eyebrows at me.
I rolled my eyes. “So what’s up with Hannah?” I asked him.
He gave me a confusing glance. “What about Hannah? What do you-” Understanding took over in his eyes. “Oooh. Right. The mission. So Hannah seems to have gotten pregnant.”
I stopped chewing my pizza and stared at him. “What?” I asked in disbelief.
He nodded, his eyes full of sorrow. “Someone noticed it tonight. She’s been wearing really big clothes, but none of us really thought anything of it. Until today when Raven reached over to get something and she felt Hannah’s stomach. She’s at least six months pregnant according to Raven.”
“And you want me to take care of it,” I said.
He nodded. “You don’t have to. I just picked you because, well, you seem like one of the least harmless people here. But you’re the second most dangerous. I’ve seen what you can do. And I’ve seen your acting. You’re really good. I have no idea how you learned to fight so well but you’re the second most deadliest. Not that anyone but you and me and Jacket know. And you can act like someone is lost in the woods or you lost your puppy or something.”
I nodded and shrugged. “Okay I’ll do it. I need you to call me at a certain time though and act like someone and say that Sparky got out.”
“Who’s Sparky?”
“My puppy.”
Fang looked at me for a long time. You don’t have a puppy.”
“I do now,” I said, and smiled evily.
He smiled back. “I’ll call you at 8:30. Be around her at that time. Right now it’s 8:20. You have ten minutes. I’ll call you and you take her out in the woods. Then end it.”
I nodded and stood up, starting to walk away.
“Wait, Mia, come back here.”
I stopped and looked back. Fang was holding a gun in his hand. I walked over to him. If he was going to shoot me I want him to know that I’m not scared. He reached out for my hand and I gave it to him.
He put the gun in it but didn’t let go of the gun of my hand. “Use this. It’s not only her fault, it’s also the father’s. See if you can find out who he is.”
I nodded. Then the least expected thing happened. Fang grabbed my arm and pulled me into him. At first I thought that it was for him to kidnap me or something, but then he let go of my hand and wrapped his arms around my waist. Pressing his mouth to mine. I was to shocked to do anything but one. I clenched my hand into a fist and punched him in the face.
He broke away and cupped his cheek. “AWE MAN!” he yelled. “Okay. Two things. One, I totally deserved that. Two, why did you have to punch me!”
“Why did you kiss me?” I asked him. I turned around and stomped out of the doors and went up to the meeting room which I realized wasn’t a meeting at all. It was a party. There was music and food and alcohol. A lot of alcohol.
I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. 8:23.
I looked around for Hannah. Ah, there. I spotted her straight black hair. I walked up to her. “Hey Hannah!” I exclaimed.
“Mia! We haven’t talked in a long time!” she exclaimed back. I pulled her into a hug and definitely felt her baby bump.
I showed no emotion on my face. As if I didn’t see a thing.
I looked at the clock on the wall. 8:29. He should call any seconds. I acted like I was interested at a graffiti painting on the walls. Then my phone rang.
“This is the right time, right?” Fang asked through the phone.
“So act like you’re devastated.”
I stopped breathing, putting a shocked face on. “What?!”
“That’s good. Don’t start crying or anything, but look like you’re really scared.”
Fear uncovered in my eyes. “When?!” I asked, hysterically.
Hannah looked at me questionably.
“Remember that you need to look in the woods and need help. Go”
“I’m on my way now. I’ll get help so I’m not alone.”
I hung up, keeping a devastated expression on my face.
“My dog ran away. I need to go look for him. Can you help me?” I asked in a pleading voice.
She nodded. “I’ll do anything. Where are we going?”she asked me.
“My parents have the roads, my aunt and uncle are looking in the country, they want me to look in the woods.”
She stopped dead. I turned around to look at her questioningly. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, fake wonder in my voice.
She gave me a suspicious look. “In the woods?” I nodded. “Alone?” I nodded. “Just the two of us?” I nodded. She bit her lip. “To be honest I’m kinda nervous.”
“Why?” I asked. But there was no fake wonder in my voice.
“It’s just…” she looked around nervously. “I’m scared of the dark,” she whispered.
I laughed. “Trust me, that’s the least of your worries,” I said to her, then bit my lip, realizing that I almost made a slip.
She shrugged. “Oh well. I’ll still help.”
“Perfect,” I purred. I turned my back so that she couldn’t see my evil smile.
We walked to the woods and started in. “Spaaaarky!” I yelled.
“Sparky! Come here boy!” Hannah yelled.
We yelled like that until we got deeper into the woods. I bent down, acting like I was looking in a bush. Hannah stepped by me and I pulled out my gun.
I cocked it. She froze. “I’m really sorry about this Hannah,” I said.
“You little-”
“Ah-ah-ah,” I said.
I did feel kind of sorry for Hannah. She didn’t know this was coming and she died trying to help me find my fake dog.
“I thought you were my friend,” Hannah said, hurt.
“I am. And trust me, I’m being a huge friend by doing this.”
She snorted. “How?!”
“Imagine what everyone would do to you if they found out you were pregnant? They would torture you. They would cut your stomach open, pull out the baby, and burn it alive along with you.”
She didn’t say anything.
I did feel sorry for her, so I’ll make it quick. I aimed the gun at her head. “Bye, Hannah. I really am going to miss you,” I said sympathetically.
“Yeah, bye,” she said moody.
I pulled the trigger. BOOM!
I leaned over the dead body. The eyes were still open. They were dangerously empty.
I shuddered and dragged the body to the near creek. Dropping it in.
“Nice job,” Fang said behind me.
I jumped and turned around. “Are you stalking me too?” I asked annoyed.
He shook his head. “No. I was just seeing how good you were gonna do. You didn’t bother ask her who the father is.”
I shrugged. “She was dying by helping me find my nonexistent dog.”
He thought about it, “I guess you’re right.”
I started walking to the meeting place again. I could hear him moving his arm, so I guessed that he was going to put his arm around me again.
“And if you try to put your arm around me again, I’ll break it,” I said.
He sighed. “I guess that’s fair.”
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