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Secert Under Cover Vampire Who's a well-Know Rock star

February 18, 2011
By angeloflife GOLD, Barrington, Rhode Island
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angeloflife GOLD, Barrington, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
True love is eternal,infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart. -Honre de Balzac

Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It bring alittle bit of everything in it first love, moving on, family and how some families deal with step parents and the disownment of family members.

Chapter 1
The meeting and intro
There is this very pretty, pixie sized girl her name is Tala, who’s a well-known Rockstar. Her secret is that she’s a vampire but no one is allowed to know that she is because if they did, they would die. The head vamps of the Secret Vampire world have a rule and the most important rule: no! Humans can know about vampires!
Tala has a concert in the town called Secret Keepers; also in that town there’s a boy named Hade Pittorino. Tala and Hade meet at the concert she gives. They start talking and have a conversation about life as a Rockstar. They first talk about what she’s going to do for the concert.
Tala says, “Well how would the concert be if there are no surprises and boy are there surprises in this concert but you’ll have to wait like everyone else, it’ll be no good if I tell you. Ok? Hade.”
Hade says, “Ok Tala I’ll wait for the concert how’s life as a Rockstar going?
“Good but very lonely I mean I get to write the music I like and get great reactions from my fans, most of my songs are about my life and what I wish could happen but this concert is none of that. So Hade how would you like it if you had this life the Rockstar life but not be by yourself?”
“Wow that sounds very lonely can you tell me one song that you are going to sing for the concert? And If I was with someone while living the Rockstar life I would be and very grateful that I’m not alone but with someone who would be with me no matter what.” said Hade.
“Yea it is and ok I’ll tell you one of the songs I’m going to sing at the concert the songs name is’ Baby, Baby Don’t Cry’ my Ma’s version of the song and that does sound nice.” said Tala
“Yea oh ok that sounds sad so what is it about?” asked Hade
“Well my father left me and my sister’s and my ma a long time ago, my ma started singing us a song saying that’s it’s no one fault that he left he was just tired of us.” said Tala “And I have to get going the concert’s about to start and you should get to your set Hade.”
That’s so sad, I will I just want to ask you something first. “said Hade.
“Yes say it than I have to get going Hade.” said Tala hastily.
“Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out after the concert and have some fun and we can talk some more.” said Hade.
“Yes I would love to and that would be nice, I’ll see you after the concert I have to go bye Hade.” said Tala.
“Ok Tala, see you after the concert, so bye Tala.” said Hade.
So the concert was starting and Hade went to his set and Tala went to get ready to go on stage. Tala went on ready and willing.
“Now here’s Tala and the Vampire raids.” Said the announcer
So she goes on stage and starts the concert.
“This song name is “Baby, Baby Don’t Cry” my ma’s version, about when I was little and my father left me and my sister’s.” said Tala. Tala started singing with tears down her face.
“Sorry everyone, here’s a quote that my ma told me long ago There are three things that should never be broken… 1. Hearts 2. Promises 3. Friendships and one more song before I go and the name is ‘Dreams Last for so Long’ Tala sang with sadness and sorrow. “A quote for the people who have loved someone but they didn’t love them back or has just lost someone and the quote is “You have to go after what you want; and if it doesn’t want you back, then so be it. It doesn’t deserve you anyway.” For my fans that the quote effect this song goes out to all of you the name of the song is ‘Why did you have to go?’ Tala was singing “Good night everyone thank you for coming to the best concert ever! That I’ve ever had.” Said Tala “I love you all” shouted Tala
(Off stage) “Hello Hade, how are you? Are you ready to go now? Did you like the concert? “Asked Tala excitedly.
“Hey Tala, I’m good and yes I am let’s go. I loved the concert your songs are the greatest as always.” said Hade.
“Good okay I agree let’s go and thank you, not all my songs are that great some are just practice songs I like to try to see who would like them and put them with quotes that relate to life and personal problems that all go through.” said Tala knowingly.
“Oh wow those quotes do relate to life perfectly and truly” said Hade.
“Yeah they do, Hade?” said Tala.
“Yes Tala? What is it?” asked Hade.
“Well I was wondering if you would like to come with me and the band for a tour we’re having all around the world?” asked Tala shyly.
“Oh well I would love to Tala!” Hade said excitedly “thank you (on the side quietly) yes!” said Tala.
They go out dancing and into the night Hade asks “Tala why did you ask me if I wanted to go with you and the band on your around the world tour?” “well I didn’t want to go just with my band mates and they said I could chose who I want to take and I like you and that’s why I asked you and being too far from you for too long I’ll be sad until I see you again . Does that answer your question Hade?” asked Tala.
“oh ok yes it does answer my question and I will go with you and the band on the tour and stay with you always whenever you need me around I’ll be there” said Hade quietly “thank you so much Hade, you are the best” said Tala even more quietly shyly with a little smile

“Why so quite Tala? And may I call you something other than Tala like darling or baby?” asked Hade.
“I’m just very shy but talking to you is so easy Hade and yes you can call me something other than my name. I like the one darling it sound sweet and very nice.” answered Tala.
“Ok Darling and that does sound very sweet and nice. May I say one more thing Darling?” said Hade.
“yes Hade what is it that you want to say?” asked Tala questionly “ well I wanted to say that you can call me something other than Hade but only you can call me that.” said Hade quietly
“ ok how about baby boy it’s sweet, nice and I like calling you my baby boy and I’ll only call you that no one else can call you that.” said Tala quietly
“That’s fine it’s nice and sweet and I like it 2, ok “said Hade
“Baby boy?” asked Tala
“yea Darling what is it” answered Hade “well tomorrow we have to leave for the tour and was wondering if you wanted to meet up with us or just start out and go with us tomorrow.” said Tala
“ I’ll go with you and the band tomorrow because it would hurt to be away from you for so long and it’ll be easier on me and maybe you too?” said Hade
“Yea ok and it will be easier on me too.” said Tala.
They go on the world tour along with Hade, Tala and the band play in every country and every town and city.

Years later Tala and Hade go off on their own and go places. Hade started to notice that when they go out for dinner Tala never eats’ anything and that she disappears by herself and comes back at midnight smelling like blood. Hade never say’s anything about what he kind of almost knows.
Tala start’s to notice that Hade is acting weird, she talking to her band mates and they asked “does he know what you are other than a well-known Rockstar?” “I don’t think so even if he did know that (I’m a Vampire in a whisper voice.)” Tala said to her band mates and she also said that “I hope he doesn’t know what I am and then we don’t have to run for his life and hopefully save him but if he does than we better get going.” “Ok and yea we would have to get going if he ever finds out” said the band mates
“Hey Tala” said Hade
“what’s going on?” asked Hade
“Hi Hade, nothing much but soon we have to get going and can I ask you something?” said Tala
“ok and yes, you can ask me something. What is it?” said Hade
“Well I was wondering if you know what my secret is that no one can know about?” asked Tala
“um…… probably, give me a clue and I’ll tell you if I do know it.” said Hade
“ok well, it has something to do with blood and not sleeping and other things humans don’t do.” said Tala
“Is it that you’re all Vampires and I’m not supposed to know and now I have to run for my life, did I get it right?” asked Hade
“how did you know that and sadly yes we are and yes you do have to run for your life now but we’ll be with you.” said Tala
“ I over herd what you guys were talking about, I didn’t eardrop on you, all of you were talking kind of loud and You all are going to come with me?” said Hade
“oh ok and Yes we are we got you in this and we have to save you from the head Vampires.” They said (looking at each other stupidly).
“Ok thanks but you don’t have to come with me I don’t mind.” said Hade

“Yes we do it’s our fault and the head Vampires always say if a human finds out about the Vampire world they die so we have to protect you from them NO arguments what’s done is done we all have to go and hide out.” They said in union
“Alright come but I should probably get going now.” said Hade
“Ok good, yea we should get going.” said Tala
“Ok, let’s get going.” said Hade
“Tala can you go with Hade or Hade to come with one of us as we run as like you said he’s a human and as we said human’s don’t run that fast.” said one of the band mates
“I’ll run with him it’s ok I don’t mind, you guys know what our ma use to say Life it’s all about taking chances; about doing something [everyone] Said you couldn’t do. It’s about being goofy; it’s about Not caring what other people think. It’s about learning to [love] what you have. That’s life! So brothers what you say will you help please!” pleaded Tala
“Humans are different from us but will help you Tala you are our sister after all remember what else ma said Tala well you probably don’t but she use to say Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind…… or forgotten. Family help’s family no matter what happens so we’ll help you little sister.” said her brother Jaden
“thank you my brothers I love you all dearly and What was that other quote she use to say? didn’t it go like this Laugh at stupid jokes Cry Get revenge Apologize Tell someone how much they really mean to you Let someone know what they’re missing Laugh till your stomach hurts live life, because tomorrow’s not guaranteed to anyone.” said Tala
“yes it did go like that but we’d better get going if we’re going to run from the head Vampires in time a head of them, we got to go little sister.” shouted her brothers (while starting to run)
“ok big brother’s we are going so where should we go where they won’t find us. What about the Amazon in Brazil we have friend’s there that would help us or should we just change him to a Vampire? If he’s willing.” asked Tala muffled by Hade holding on tight so to not fall off. Hade not being able to hear a word they just said let it go and just watches what they were passing by.

The head Vampires got the news of that a Vampire(s) told a human about the secret world “WHAT! They will pay for it, they know the rule. The human must Die!” said the Head Vampires (there are two head Vampires who take the rules into their own hands and promise to keep the world of Vampires a secret)
“Yes sir right away but sir they decided to run for it and plan to make him a Vampire.” said one of the Vampires under their rule
“What! go find them; wait who are the Vampires who told? Is it that Rockstar band? If it is let them off with a warning and make sure they change him into a Vampire, they can’t run forever expectedly with a human they have to stop for him to do whatever humans do.” said the Head Vampire
“Yes sir right away sir we will find them and tell them that and yes sir it is the family Rock stars its Tala and the Vampires that told the human boy. Sir should we try to convince the guy’s sister to change him?” said Valid
“You shall convince the girl to change the human boy, if the human wants to be changed in the first place do not! Force them to do it but if not kill the human.” Commanded the head Vampires
“YES SIRS WE WILL!” replied Valid and the others have gathered while the conversation was happening.

The Vampires go out to look for them and with a lot of Vampires out looking it was easy to find them very quickly. The Vampires put Valid to be the one who tells them what they were to supposed to say, they pleaded with Tala to change the human into a vampire, Hade was willing to be changed into a Vampire. So they finally convinced Tala to change him to a Vampire, Jaden and Akira, Seth helped her out she does not hurt Hade and make sure she doesn’t kill him as well. It happens right in front of the Head Vampires people so they know firsthand that they did in fact change the human.
Three or more days later the change is complete so Tala and her brothers are no longer in trouble with the Head Vampires Head. Hade was instated as a newborn vampire and the Head Vampires said that as long as he could stay under control he could stay with Tala and her brother’s. Everyone was happy and was able to leave
The Head vampires said “wait a minute please could all of you come and visit so we can check up on the progress into Vampire Life?”
“Yes we can and will we all promise that we will come back and make sure he meets your standers of how a Vampire should be, Head Vampires we will not let you down, and we will do what you ask of us.” They all said.

They went on their way and years later kept the promise and returned with Hade and him being the Vampire who they need the Vampires to be to keep the secret of the world and not tell any human about the Vampire world. Hade Loves being a Vampire he can do things that he couldn’t do before. He wasn’t left alone when dinner came around; they hunted animals instead of humans. All Vampires hunted animals instead of humans, all of the Vampires said they drinking humans blood was gross and less helpful to keep themselves sane and not go insane as they would with human blood.

Life went on as it would have without that problem and then they decided to go off on their own and live the life of Vampires and Tala and the Vampires kept up at keeping the secret and never told anyone, Hade is living well while trying to adjust to Vampire life and what Vampires do, that humans don’t do and how they live human live. Vampires can never die and never shall.
There is no reason for them to die unless…………. They decided they don’t want the Vampire life and are tired of living this way. Always having to hide what they really are and never getting to do what they want. But that would never happen because they have Vampires to remind them they can do whatever they want.
Those Vampires are Tala the little sister of the family, Hade the boyfriend and apart of the family and her brothers, their names are Jaden the oldest, Akira the middle boy and Seth the youngest of the boys. They reminded all the Vampires they can do anything just keep the secret and let no human know about the Vampire world. The family name is Secrets; they know all the rules of the Vampire world they handle all of the problems they are now and forever the royal family of the Vamp world. Tala’s three brothers fell in love with three human girls; their names are Ailey the oldest, Aimer the middle girl, and Rosie the youngest of the girls. The girl’s took Hade as their own brother. The girl’s knew they were all Vampires but unlike the boys sister Tala they wanted kids, (not that Tala could have any kids once you’re a Vampire you can’t have any kids) Tala’s brothers had kids with the human girl’s.

They took the girls and left to of where they were settled and moved to somewhere for while the girls had kids and the girls became Vampires in order to be saved from death of giving birth to a half Vampire half Human children. Once they came out and showed the Vampire world that kids are possible but only for boy Vamp’s but with this it made a lot of the Vampires angry and upset and didn’t want that for themselves which they don’t have to.
Other Vampires didn’t want to be humans they wanted the one’s they found their soul mates so they stayed childless and became aunts and uncles to the family members that did that. The Vampires never got in trouble with the old head Vampires nor with the new royal family.
They were allowed to do whatever they wanted that made them happy but there were still rules. Jaden and Ailey had a very beautiful daughter; they named her Nessie, Akira and Aimer had a son; they named him Jake, Seth and Rosie had a daughter; they named her Amelia. Tala and Hade were happy to have nieces and a nephew. But they started talking about wanting a kids Tala said “I have something to tell you Hade and I want to know if it’ll be alright and I want to tell you another secret about myself that my brothers didn’t want me to tell you and when I tell you think before you respond okay????”
Hade said “Tala what is it what’s wrong you can tell me anything I promise to think before I say anything just tell me please” Tala contemplates what she is going to say and how she will say it then she gets the idea she’ll write it all down (writing) Hade’s waiting for a long time then 4 hours 47 minutes 30 seconds later she was done writing and handed it to Hade.
Hade then opened it and started reading it said “Dear Hade I love you with all my heart and what I have to say isn’t easy but I’ll tell you my secret I’m a Half Vampire I’m sorry my brothers didn’t want me to tell you. That means……….” Hade started reading to himself; he was getting into a long happy smiling stare.
He finally stopped with the reading looked at Tala and said “is it true; is it really true?”
Tala said “Yes Hade it true my brothers did not want me telling you being a Half Vamp Half Human it has consequences and that information gets in the wrong hands things could get really bad, now I must tell you this: I can only stay this way till we have the number of kids we want then after we say were done I will be a full Vampire again; just in curiosity how many kids did you want Hade????
Hade said “well Tala I would like to have at least 6 kids to be even. All right Hade we’ll have six kids if that’s what you want then so be it I’ll get my figure back when I become full Vampire again.” said Tala (quietly).
They have the kids all six and shortly after Tala said we’re done with having kids, she turned back into a full Vampire and lives her life out as a mom. They had three wonderful Daughters and three Handsome Sons. The 1st born Daughter’s name is Bella; the 2nd born Daughter’s name is Kiki; the 3rd born Daughter’s name is Thea. They loved all of their daughter’s the same but their favorite was Thea. Now for their son’s names which are well the 1st born name is Aden; the second born name is George; and the third born name is Theo. They brought six wonderful kids into their way of life.

Everyone wanted their kids to have a normal life and not be treated differently because of their parents and how they have to live and move around more often than regular people and kids do. But they don’t mind and hope they can make friends wherever they go. Tala wished they could give the kids a stable home and her hade were talking about staying for a year in one place so they could finish the grade they are in and then start somewhere else with their cousins (they wanted a close family for the kids)
“Hade I have a pondering a question and it’s been bothering me I was hoping we could stay a year in the next place we go to so the kids could go to school and know the kids in their class?) said Tala
“Well Tala I think that would be fine but how would we know if the rest of the family won’t be waiting for us in the next place they go? We only stay in one place for a short time because people catch on to fast.” replied Hade
“ Hade I know that it was just a though, maybe the kids would feel like humans hate them I want them to feel like they can fit in and don’t have to leave before they find out, i feel like they always have to leave before they know their accepted by others that are not our kind.” said Tala
“okay Tala how about we stay a little longer than get up and move before we get into trouble with everyone that is human, we did have an arrangement with them with moving more and leaving them alone; not everyone is okay with Vampires not even offspring’s of vampires. Some humans don’t want to believe at all and others don’t want their kids be friends with ours. That’s why we leave every time before our kids find out others want nothing to them.” replied Hade
“OH! Alright we’ll leave now for our children’s sake.” yelled Tala.

Tala packed everything and left with the children and Hade followed slowly after them, their youngest Thea asked her father
“Daddy are you okay?” whispered Thea
“Everything is alright little Angel” said Hade
“Okay Daddy I’m going to go with mommy see you wherever we end up, (tiredly) this time.” madly said Thea
Hade thinking to himself “maybe Tala was right we should have stayed and let our kids meet the other kids so they can be normal.” It is too late to fix it their already moving to a new country and town. They shortly found out that humans were fine with them staying in town for a little longer and the kids heard of this news and were just upset. They wanted to get know the kids in the last town, when the humans went to give them the good news they were gone.
Hade went up to Tala and asked “Tala I rethought on what you said and the news from the humans in the town we left shocked me and I was hoping before the kids start the new school we could go back and let them get to know the other kids. Okay?”
Tala thoughtfully said “maybe, you have to run it by the kids and Thea already met some nice kids, which is why she upset, if you really knew Thea she’s a very talkative girl and other kids just love her and the other kids parents love her also she hates moving, she knows kids all over North American. You wanted to move and I decided this morning that Thea, Bella, Kiki and I are moving back they all know a lot of kids that are their friends. So I’m taking the girls and leaving; going to any town they want to go to I’m getting them all cell phones so they can keep in contact with their friends. They well have normal childhoods, we’re leaving now goodbye the boys are not coming they want to stay here with you.”

“Tala do you really want it that way? Because that just sounds wrong.” painfully said Hade

“Hade I’m sorry but that how the girls and I want it, and the boys want to stay here because the fathers of every girl hates them and they don’t want to go back, so since you were the one who wanted to move you can stay here with the boys and live and let us live our way.” shouted Tala
“Alright fine Tala it’ll be that way I’ll be here with the boys, but well you at least write to us so your brothers can keep in touch?” whined Hade
“Good I’ll write letters to my brothers so they know were safe but that is all; Goodbye Hade and boys we’ll see you whenever.” said Tala
“Goodbye mother.” said the boys
“……………………” Hade
The door is slammed shut before Hade could say anything. Tala took everything that belonged to the girls and her and hided it in a house somewhere in the world; so none could find it never not even their own family only the four girls could find it. Everyone was surprised when they left and as promised Tala sent letters to her brothers to let them know they were safe. But that was the end of contact; they tried sending letters back to them and there was nothing.

For the girls they got their cell phones but were instructed not to let anyone in the family to have their numbers. Tala got herself one as well to keep in touch with the parents and her daughters. One of her daughters’ friends called them to let them know that their family keeps sending letters to see where they were, they said in the letter that her brother’s and their families wanted to come and be with them.
Tala asked “Can you give us the address and we’ll send them a letter letting only them know where we are so they can join us.”
Daughters friend “yes of course we can the address is 234 blinker way 09368-3456 commenter, Brazil”
Tala say’s with gratitude “Thank you I’ll send them a letter right away.” Tala wrote the letter addressed to her brothers and their families. The brothers made sure that Hade and his sons didn’t see the letter nor see them all leave. They all got places near the girls’ house and they had the letters she sent to them they got cell phones they all have each other’s numbers but they promised to never talk or send anything to Hade. His own adopted sisters abandoned him and his sons for their own families. They took their money and their kids and the family and left Hade and his sons. They never sent any letters or called.

They kept the promise they never gave their cell numbers to them they kept their lives apart from them. Their children got their friends numbers and texted and called them. All of them were having a great time Bella, Kiki, Thea grow up without their father and their brother’s. Tala never spoke to Hade never again; her son’s grew up without their mother. They never spoke not even through email or letters. Hade took care of his son’s. Tala and Hade both met other people the only thing Tala sent to Hade was divorced papers her name was on all the papers and Hade signed them without any thought and they both moved on married other people. Tala became a half Human half Vampire again had more kids and turned her second husband into a Vampire so he wouldn’t be left out. She had three more kid all three were girls. The big girl’s got each their own baby sister they help take care of Bella took care of the first born her name is Alice, Kiki took care of the second born her name is Chenoa, Thea took care of the third born her name is Wapeka. They love their new father (name is John) and he does everything they want and half-sister’s very much. Their mother turned back into a full Vampire. Hade found someone who wanted to keep moving from place to place and had two more kids with his second wife both were boy’s which made it easier to move. The girl’s never once called their own father. John adopted them as his own the adoption went through. The girl’s jumped with joy when their father John told them; that he adopted them. When they heard that news they disowned their actual father and only had one. When the girl’s talked to their friends they would say: “Our father says that we can come hang with you guys for 4 hour’s but then we must go home.” Their friends would always ask “are you talking about our father John or your actual father?” They would always say in return “we only have one father that is father John we just call him father now, we’re sure that our actual father already disowned us the way we did to him, Mother and Father have no problem that we are not talking to that man. To us he’s just a stranger.” After hearing that their friends dropped it and started talking about their brother’s but knowing what they did to their actual father they were pretty sure that they no longer accepted their own kin any more only the ones that are living with them are the only family they have so that would be they never had any brother’s. The whole family was torn apart. Hade doesn’t even talk to his own daughters. Concerning his new family he knew it was best to forget them and never speak to them ever again. The boy’s became his son’s and Tala never spoke to them even though they email their mother all the time. They wanted to be with her their own father doesn’t want them. He just wanted to be with his new family and wanted no reminder of his old life new wife new start. Tala is reading the email “Dear Mother, we want to come be with you and our sister’s we want to get to know your new husband; we don’t care if it takes forever to find you. We don’t want father anymore. He only wants his new family he wants to forget his first family ever happened. We pled with you Mother Please let us come to live with you. Your loving and almost homeless son’s, Aden, George, Theo.”
As Tala read this she asked John “is it okay if my son’s come to live with us their father dumped them for his new family. You know I wouldn’t do that and you wouldn’t let me but I have to ask can you adopt them like you did with our daughter’s.”
John thought for a while about it and said “That’s just wrong with what he’s doing, so of course they can I wouldn’t ever turn your son’s away and I can adopt them if they want me to I won’t force them into adoption if they do not want to. But email them back and tell them I said they can and what I said about the adoption thing it’ll be their decision if they want me or not and they’ll have time before hand so they don’t have to right away.”
Tala said “Thank you John you are the most awesome guy never I’ll email them right away.”
Tala Started emailing the boy’s back saying “ Dear boys of course you can come live with us and get to know my husband John, I told your sisters they’d love to have you back as brothers. They can’t wait for your arrival, and John say’s he would love to adopt you like he did with your sister but he wants it to be your decision. We have three new babies all three are girls. The first one is named Alice, the second one is named Chenoa and the third one is named Wenona, they would love to see all of you. Please come as soon as you can.”
The second she sent the email the boys were at the door and sent another to answer her back but they opened the door before the boys could send it. The girls were waiting by the door to finally see their brother’s for after so long. When they heard noise at the door they swung the door open and hugged their brother’s and dragged them through the door to meet their new father and they were talking and a few minutes after talking to John; they decide to ask him to adopt them and make them fully apart of the new family and John said “I can if that is want you want, then I will and I have to ask this one question.”
“It is what we want and yes what is you’re question.” said the boys
“What about your father wouldn’t he be mad or something?” asked John
The boys replied “No he’ll be fine; he dumped us for his own new family he wants nothing to do with us. So we want to be a part of this family if you want us to, if not we’ll leave and not bother any of you again.”
“I will adopt you I want to you are a part of this family; I can believe your father would do that to you he did the same thing to your sisters and I adopted them so I will the same the little ones will love to have big brothers, No you can stay with us I will officially adopt you right now; I just wanted to make sure this is what you want. I know what your real father did. But I do have to ask do you disown him like he disowned you?” said John
“Thank you and we can’t wait to meet them, yes we would like that very much thank you; and yes we disown him as he did to us. said the boys

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does this book have anything to do with vampires at all or is that just the title of the book?


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True love is eternal,infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart. -Honre de Balzac

thanks i liked the idea. THe idea grew more  when new things happened and it seemed like it would fit in the story. :) I will it gives me a clamness and it's super fun.

PS thanks i though it was a good name when i picked it out for a school project.

PS your story and poem are awesome.

on Feb. 27 2011 at 1:47 pm
writingcheetah7 GOLD, Barr., Rhode Island
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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

really neat idea, like i already told you :) keep up the writing!! isn't it fun?!

PS i really like the name 'Tala'!