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The Mystery of the Haunted House

July 18, 2022
By Fatima-words-of-wisdom, Faisalabad, Other
Fatima-words-of-wisdom, Faisalabad, Other
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Two Partners plan to challenge themselves beyond all the extremes. They enter the challenge so they can win the ultimate prize of $73,000. They have to go through various challenges and risk their lives upon living in this haunted house associated in Transylvania. Little did they know that someone had been watching them the entire time and was waiting for them to fall in their trap. Soon they began to trust an ordinary diary leading to one's death and how the other overcomes it. Therefore, this story holds a strong message behind it which proves how trusting something very ordinary can lead to such a big loss and disappointment. Moreover, it indicates to keep going and never give up no matter what state you are in.


The Mystery of the Haunted House

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