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Rolling Dye

February 6, 2019
By deryannspears, Indianapolis, Indiana
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deryannspears, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Author's note:

I am not actually apart of the LGBTQ community but I do support it throughly. 

“ Roll the dice.” “ The dice? Where? “ Michael said. “ No” she said while looking at him confusingly, “ I mean roll the dice, with you and Eli.” Jessica  said. “ Oh, that guy..” Michael said while looking down. “ he’ll never want to be with me, yeah. He’s apart of the LGBTQ community, but that doesn’t mean he likes doofuses like me. Look at me” he said while she starred down at his clothes and shoes. “ I’m white, he’s black. He’s popular, I’m not. He’s a complete basketball star with all these friends. And what am I you ask? A tennis player and someone who manages the bowling team. He doesn’t even know I exist. I could stare at him for the entire school day and he wouldn’t notice me once. So no, I won’t roll your stupid dice. All rolling the dice ever taught me is to not chance anything and to mind my own business. I can like him from a distance.” he said. “ what? Why you looking at me like that, Jess?” “ Because, I know you. And yes you may play tennis and manage for bowling, but I know who you are in the inside. I really think you should go up to him and say what you have to say because if you never do it, then who will? You and a thousand guys are afraid of him. But why not? Other than the fact that you’re such a scary cat. You’ll definitely stand out if you just take a chance. Please, Mike. Do it for me, and for your own happiness. Pleaaseeee? “ she begged him with her lip poked out. “Fine, Fine. I’ll do it. But only if you’re right by my side.” “ Are you kidding? When do I ever leave your hip?” “ Good point. Let’s meet here second period?” Micheal said with a smirk on his face. “ You know it.” Jessica said as they fist pounded and walked away. As time went pass, Micheal was in class dreading the next time he ran into Jessica. He had knots in his stomach, his fist was clinching tight, he sweated a entire river before the bell rang. Ding Ding Ding. There’s the bell. The chair he sat in held his bottom and he had to forcefully help his legs stand. But, there she was, right where she promised to meet him. And all he kept thinking is, this has been my crush all year long, wonder if he laughs? But wonder if he doesn’t? Wonder if he has a crush on me back? Wonder if he doesn’t. As his mind was wondering off into space, in the back of his head he knew he had to do it. “ So you ready Mike? There he is.” Mike looked over in complete terror. “ No, I’m not. But, I already know he doesn’t like me and I know what answer i’m going to hear so this shouldn’t be a huge disappointment.” Mike said as he swalloed his rock hard spit. “ what are you waiting for?” she said. “ Go!” Michael started walking towards him at first thinking, he couldn’t do this. But, the closer he got the easier it got. “ Hey, Eli. May I talk to you for a moment.?” Eli looked at him, then looked back at his friends. “ Hey, I’ll catch up with you all later.” “ Alright, Man!” his crowd of friends said as Mike looked very afraid in the eyes. When Eli turned back Michaels confidence took a toll on him. “ What’s up, man?” Eli said licking his lips. “ I.. um.. I was just coming over here to tell you I think you’re really cute and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out with me some time.” Michael said. By this time, he was already sweating bullets and trying to keep his feet from running away from his mind. “ Yeah, Of course we can.” Eli said with a smile. “ Go ahead and shoot me a text and we can decide when we’re going to hang out.” “ Yeah” Michael said with a huge smile. “ okay, we’ll here’s my phone number. Just text me when you can.” “ No problem.” Eli said. Eli walked away with a good feeling and Michael could feel it. “ You did it! I can’t believe you really did it Mike. I’m so proud of you.” Jessica said. “ I know! I didn’t think I was going to either, but I did! Now I got a date with my crush. The guy i’ve been  crush on for like ever! “ Michael said with excitement. “ I know, I told you rolling the dice would actually get you somewhere. Look at that. I’m right. Once again!” Jess said with a slight smirk. “ Yeah, you we’re come here and give me a hug.” Michael said to Jess. They hugged. “ Okay so i'm about to go to lunch. I will meet you after fifth block. Okay?” Jess said. “ sure thing. Be safe.” He said as she walked away. “ I swear, I should try and roll the dice more often.” Michael Whispered to himself. 

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