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January 6, 2019
By Jazzy_holmes4, Ridgecrest, California
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Jazzy_holmes4, Ridgecrest, California
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  I woke up somewhere dark, quiet and cold. I couldn't move at all, my hands were tied so tight that everytime I tried to move the rope would dig deeper into my skin. My heart was pounding and I did not know what to do. I yelled as loud as I could but nothing back. I kept yelling, but after a while I thought what is the point no one's gonna come. My head hurt so bad and had so many negative thoughts running through it. I just wanted my family and a warm bed.

The day before…

                Today is gonna be a good day today, I can feel it in my gut and my gut is never wrong. It's my last day of being in High School and I want it to be rememberable. I do the usually before going to school as every other day you would before school,Shower, Makeup, Get dressed, Hair, ect. Every morning when I walk down stairs for breakfast I will get a hey Elle or Ella depending on the day. There is only four of us ,but their use to be five.

          My dad walked out on us a week before my little sister was born which was Ten  years ago. For that reason my mom changed her name from Alisandra to Alexis so she wouldn't be reminded of him every time she calls her. I was eight at the time and my older sister Hailey was eleven. We don't really talk about him cause my mom cant handle even thinking about it without instinally balling her eyes out. Anyway I was spraying perfume on as I hear my mom yell Ella and instantly think she never does that it must be important. As I  am walking down the stairs, I hear a males voice that sounds around his forties and think I haven't heard one of those for a long time. I finally reach the kitchen and see a tall male with brown hair,Green eyes ,dressed in and all black suit.  

           My mom tells me and my two siblings that she is gonna be gonna be gone for the day and will be back by tomorrow morning. I thought nothing about it.  As they walked out the door together my phone went off from an unknown number . I answered ,Hello? Nothing back so I hung up and than the number calls again and again nothing. The third time Hello? And finally someone says something but just not what i wa expecting,he says watch your back and trust no one. I think nothing of it. I go to school ,nothing really exciting. I get home to get ready and leave to go to a party. The house was huge and end up walking in and instantly look for people I know. I get offered drinks and think no but say yes. I try it and taste disgusting. I feel a little weird but think nothing of it. I find a couple of people i know and have fun but feel a little weird after a while. My head starts to hurt and feel dizzy and boom everything goes black.

         I wake up somewhere that i have never been before. It's so cold and i want to go home. I  scream so loud but nothing. Maybe an hour passes by and i start screaming again ,but this time a glimmer of light opens up with someone separating it . Its a male and i swore i have seen this person before.Than it hits me its the guy who was with my mom. He tells me to shut it or else but I continue to scream hoping someone else will come, but no. I think to myself what I could do.

          I want to just go home and I won't say anything I promise I say to him. He refuses and starts to close the door. Wait please at least give me a blanket or something. He stops for a second and looks at me . He starts to walk in and turns on the light. The light is so bright I get a headache instantly. It's a concrete room with surgical bed and a table with a tray of tools. No windows to be seen  and one medal  door with dents all over it along with a light switch and key pad next to it that has numbers all the way up to nine. He grabs a needle and a knife off the  tray and starts to walk to me. I start screaming NO NO NO PLEASE, but nothing changes and I start thinking i'm gonna die. He takes the knife in one of his hands and cuts the rope and hands me the needle with his other hand and says its your choice.

As he starts to walk he grabs the trey of tools and then walked to the door. He types 5402 into the keypad then a handprint thing pulls up that has  red lights with a handprint outline. He puts his hand on it and it turn green and then the door opens and changes back to the key pad. As he is about to walk out he presses 2 and something starts to happen with the wall.  About thirty seconds after a window appears. There's more rooms with other people of other genders.

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