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October 11, 2018
By ehickman6440 BRONZE, San Pedro, California
ehickman6440 BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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Orion Adams finds stablility in other people. She has the intallect to push herself through medical school, but does not have the power in her to find strength in herself. Intsead, she finds strength in a boyfriend, that boyfriend being Seth Varner. The story starts out with Orion being broken over her boyfriend ending things with her. She goes into work, ready to clear her mind of the break up of last night, but her work world and her personal life collide when Seth comes into the ER, making Orion a mess. She then additionally finds out the reason why he broke up with her, because his wife came back home from Paris. She is in the ER as well. The story ends with Orion figuring out that she needed to let Seth go in order to function properly, and she found out she needs to find stablility in herself. 

Ella H.


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