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The Life and Times of Bailey

Author's note: Well obviously I inspired myself to write this piece, but also my teacher Mrs. Mahmoud inspired...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well obviously I inspired myself to write this piece, but also my teacher Mrs. Mahmoud inspired me. I was in her creative writing class and we did really short stories about ourselves so I decided to do longer one.  « Hide author's note
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No Clever Title Just Sophomores

OK, so my summer was officially over. I was now in my second year of high school and I found that in one’s second year of high school upperclassmen don’t really bug you like they would if you were a freshman, they mostly just ignored you. Sophomore year was the year where things really didn’t happen. Our football team didn’t get any better, but they didn’t get any worse. Time just stood still. Tommy was still there. He was a senior now and he wasn’t even really going to school.
Ending Chapter.
He was going to TCD. I didn’t really get to see him that much but we still talked. One day I was just like, do you want to come over after school? I was so nervous my palms were sweating. He was just so calm about it and was like “yeah sure that’s fine.” He came over after school, and let me just say all day I was freaking out. I felt like I was going to barf. I know a girl barfing sounds really attractive, but trust me it was not. I was all shaky and nervous and just all around clumsy. During the day things had happened to make me stop thinking about it. Like the huge fight in the commons. It was between you guessed it! MARINA!!!!!! Yes, infamous Marina and Amanda, this random girl, fought in the commons. Do I know why they were fighting? No. However, I do know they wanted everyone to stay quiet and not tell anyone because they wanted it to last. What crazy people. I wasn’t there to see it, but I heard it was terrible. The whole commons was silent and everyone was just watching as Marina was literally beating this girl. She broke all of her fake nails off on her face, and I’m pretty sure she broke her nose. This was seriously the worst fight I had ever heard about. When I wasn’t hearing about that I was thinking about Tommy. None of my friends knew he was coming over except for Ally. I trusted her to keep it a secret, but she was acting really weird about it. I just stopped thinking about it and finally got on the bus to go home. On the way home my stomach was in knots. I went home and got my family room a little bit cleaner. I saw Tommy walking down my street and I was really starting to get nervous. I let him inside and he didn’t seem awkward at all. I was so awkward though. I was just like ohh here would you like a drink, or can I take your jacket? He brought this movie called Wicker Park and he said it was one of his favorite movies. I said I would watch it as long as it wasn’t scary. It wasn’t so we put it on. At least for an hour of sitting there and me not getting the movie we really didn’t talk. Then he was just kind of like, “ohh what’s on your mind?” I really didn’t know what to say except for nothing. Then all of a sudden he goes, “so do you like me?” I was just so out of my comfort zone I was like, “uhh yeah…” He basically said he knew but it was hard for him because he liked Ally and me. I was seriously crushed. I was just like, “oh ok.” I tried to just focus on the movie. I didn’t want to talk because I knew if I talked I would start to cry. What he did next I will never ever forget. It actually made me kind of mad. He held my hand and lay down on my lap. I didn’t know what to do. Obviously he was manipulating me to make me feel vulnerable, but I didn’t know that at all. I was just so shocked someone was holding my hand. This really had never happened to me before I was so surprised. He then proceeded to say something along the lines of, “why are you upset I like you too.” I really didn’t know what to do I was just really uncomfortable, and happy and sad all at the same time. The out of nowhere he kissed me. I didn’t know if this was the worst day ever or the best day ever.
So, did I have a boyfriend? Well, I guess I did. How did the whole school react? Well, pretty much everyone knew and I felt kind of awkward. I really wasn’t use to this kind of attention. I just went with it, and I had random people coming up to my saying, “hey are you dating Tommy?” and I would just reply with a yes and then walk away smiling awkwardly because I was a stupid sophomore who was naïve and didn’t know how to act. The fun part was telling my friends. Ally was definitely the most fun to tell. I don’t know if you can sense my sarcasm, but I am clearly being sarcastic here. I hated how my friends kept saying they didn’t like Tommy. They didn’t like how he looked or his sense of humor. I mean sometimes I thought he acted weird, but I thought he was nice enough. Ally just started acting really weird. I thought nothing of it though, I just thought I should trust her because she was one of my best friends and that she would never do anything to screw me over. Now, there was one day that stands above the rest. I invited my friends to come hang out with me and Tommy. I wanted them to get to know him and vice versa. It was a bit awkward in the beginning, but it turned out to be pretty fun. I remember my friend Karly throwing a piece of pizza at Tommy though… that was really annoying and Tommy got really mad. Right then I knew they really weren’t going to be friends. What was weird though is that Tommy and Ally really seemed to be hitting it off. This really wasn’t a good sign to me. They were joking and laughing around so much one would have thought they were dating, and not him and me. Ally and I were slowly slipping away from each other, and I should have seen it. I can’t believe I didn’t see it. It was horrible we barley talked and Tommy started becoming my best friend. Ally and I started pushing each other out of our lives. Soon we didn’t talk at all. We didn’t talk, but that sure didn’t stop Tommy from going to a concert with her.
It was a concert from a band that I don’t really like; I could understand Tommy going with a couple friends, but it really pissed me off that he went with Ally. What in your right mind would tell you “go to a concert with a girl that your girlfriend hates?” It literally made me so angry. This is when the fighting started. It seemed as if Tommy and I fought all of the time and most of our arguments stemmed from Ally. I felt that this wasn’t how a real relationship was supposed to be, but I wanted to have a boyfriend. To make this story short my whole life sophomore to junior year was basically hell... It was due to the boyfriend/the losing my best friend. I just realized I got very bitter and my whole self changed too much. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t something that I wanted to control me, but sophomore year it really did. I started to become really depressed and angry but then everything turned out ok! By junior year I went to snowball and broke up with Timmy and painted my room and everything was all better! I started talking to my friends and family again and I just really created a whole new me. I wasn’t the same as before, and I don’t know if I was the greatest person in the world, but I was better and that’s all that mattered!
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