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A Real Team is a Family

November 2, 2020
By AymanSultan, Muscat, Other
AymanSultan, Muscat, Other
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6th grade, the first year where I could compete in the regional tournament, SAISA. As a kid, I have always loved running and jumping, and this year is the year I am able to compete. But the thought of letting my team down made me nervous. Sunday morning meeting is when our principal introduced Mr. Newman, the track and field coach. He talked about track and field, and the chance to be selected to compete in SAISA. As soon as he was done talking I picked up my IPad, and started filling up the sign-in form. I was eager, yet nervous for the first practice. All the practices flew by, and I found myself in my car looking at the email that would have the SAISA roster. I got home, and the first name on the list was mine. But there was an event that didn't sit well with me, the 4x100 relay race. Time passed with many intense practices, and finally, it was the last day of the 3-day tournament, the relay race day. All the nerves kicked in, and I was struggling to keep my mind calm. The race started, and when the baton passed to me, I zoned out and felt determined, and in the end, we placed first. That moment was when I learned the lesson of a real team is a family, and that if you try your best, you shouldn't be afraid to let your team down.

Ayman S.

A Real Team is a Family

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