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Lore of Bloodborne

September 27, 2018
By Ravens55246, Republic, Missouri
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Lore Bloodborne


Bloodborne is a very challenging game. If you are just starting out I do not recommend it but if you think it will be a good first game for yourself then go for it. If you are fan of Dark Souls then I would definitely recommend it to you. Also if you do not have a ps4 I am sorry you can not get it, it is a ps4 exclusive. The story is about a person called a hunter who wakes up in a place called Yharnam in a healing church. Most hunters are picked by that church or the first hunter, Gehrman ( the last boss). But anyways the church got crazy about blood because Gehrman one day thought it would make us humans  better if we put certain things in everyone’s blood. They even put it in drinks but they starting mixing blood with other things and it started to create beasts instead of making us better.

Hunters jobs are to protect their religion and home or both from beasts. The world's environment seems pretty relevant for how it was. I am going to start with the bosses you have to kill. Alright, so Cleric beast I mean most people that know the game skip him but you should not skip him if it is your first time, So the Cleric Beast he is in Central Yharnam and drops sword hunter badge. Badges are used to buy weapons.But he is weak to serration and fire damage. The healing church did create Cleric beast. Their is multiple Cleric beasts and sometimes they are not that bad because they start out small. But this one ate a lot of people and the more people he ate, the bigger he got and he is now huge. At the very beginning you hear a loud screech and every once and a while you will keep hearing it. Yes, that screech belongs to Cleric beast.They look  really big and have fur. I always compare them to chargers from Left 4 Dead 2 because they have one huge arm they charge with and the other one is very small. Cleric beasts arms kind of look that.

After Cleric beast you have Father Gascoigne and he is also in Central Yharnam. He will drop Oedon tomb key. He is actually not a beast, he is a hunter beast hybrid. There's a tiny music box you can play for him and he will not attack you. Instead, he will just sit their and whisper to himself. But only use it twice because his beast form will come out if you play it 3 times no matter what his health is at. If you do not ring it 3 times he still transforms but not until his health is pretty low. You want him low as possible for that form because it really is tricky. His beast form cost his sanity, but later in the game there is multiple details hinting that all beast still have a little sanity so they might still have their human self in there somewhere but no one knows.If he kills you he might mutter “ Umbasa” A reference to demon souls (another software game).

Now the next boss is Blood Starved Beast. (Is not a main boss but highly recommended) He is very quick and very very agile so be  careful.He drops Pthumeru Chalice and he is found in Old Yharnam. Weak to fire, if you throw something called a pungent blood cocktail at  a wall he will just attack the wall. He looks very disgusting, his skin is like inside out. He used to be a corps hanging on a wall and was praised by people. He got reawakened by Moon Presence(Another Boss) and he was not happy being awake and tried to hurt and kill a lot of people. After his awakening, he got worse and worse and he can poison a hunter just being around him. Then after him their is Vicar Amelia he is found at cathedral ward and drops the gold pendant. He is huge lot of fur and he is blind, he can also himself.He is not the only Vicar, the Vicars were the heads of the healing church. She is also the last  vicar and the last boss in the DLC. (Downloadable content) he saw the church on Yharnam fall apart and become a beasthood because of the misuse of Old blood. As soon as you find him he is praying at a altar and praising a skull. That skull belonged to the founder of the healing church, Laurence. He was praying to transform he also, was a hybrid. That gold pendant you get was a reminder to fear the old blood which was what made central Yharnam fall apart well it’s misuse.

After him, you gotta get to this gate that leads to shadow of Yharnam and their isn't one, not two, but three of them do not let them scare you they are not that difficult. They are located in the forbidden woods and they are just 3 shadows in robes. One has a Mace, one has a Candle,and  one has a sword. The one with the mace starts out with shooting homing fireballs, the one with the candle shoots firebreath and the one with the sword just attacks with it. Eventually when you kill one they get this snake to come out of water and it is almost a one shot. They drop blood rapture. Under the hood they are Pthumerians and just like all Pthumerians they weak to Arcane. I mean there's nothing much with these guys their are just three Pthumerians they grouped up and hate hunters.

Next is Rom, the vacuous spider he is just a huge spider with white fur that can summon spiders.  But once you kill Rom the Vacuous Spider. You see the real world because he actually had a protective veil around the world .And he had been protecting everyone from the true nightmare the world really is. He was also protecting us from some beasts getting their power from the actual moon (red moon) If those certain beasts are in the red moon they get their true power. But unfortunately, the hunters did not know that. And Rom thought we were enemies so attacked.    But when you kill him the veil disappears and you realize that we actually have a red moon and a red sky and eventually notice that it helps power up some beasts. And there is this girl in all white and she is Queen Yharnam and she gets upset you killed Rom because she knew about the invisible veil but you later repay her.

Once you defeat him there is the One Reborn after you defeat Rom you go to the Yahar’gul unseen village and that is where The One Reborn is. After you defeat Rom it also becomes night time with a red moon. He drops 3 yellow backbones he looks like on one side a skeleton with no legs and on the other side it is just skulls and in the middle there's just like guts.But he is completely made of leg parts.  He used the be the Tower Knight. But misuse of old blood made him the One Reborn.Also he was one of the beasts that gets his power from the red moon. He is also a different version of a Dark souls 1 boss, Nito and Dark souls 2 boss, The Rotten.

Then there's Micolash Host of the Nightmare. So your whole All  he drops is his helmet a mensis cage. He is located in Nightmare of Mensis. After the One Reborn you see someone that looks a lot like Micolash. That is actually his dead body but sense he is the “Host of the nightmare” you actually fight his nightmare self. Micolash is  actually a honor of the movie "The Wicker Man" about a commune of bee worshipping people. The movie involves "Nicolas Cage" being forced to wear a wicker cage, which people fill with bees.Then there's Mergo’s wet nurse.

There will be that Queen Yharnam again you can if you want but lets not for now. She is actually right after Micolash at the Nightmare of mensis. She looks like Amygdala sorta with the limbs ( a side boss) but completely different head. She is the nightmarish link to Mergo otherwise known as Mergo’s guardian. Throughout the fight you hear mergo crying.After you kill her you can’t do anything for like almost 2 minutes, it is because Mergo is crying and figuring out you killed her guardian and eventually he stops crying and then you can continue.Mergo can mean a lot of things as well. “To overwhelm”, “to submerge”, “to drown”, and a lot more. The blade the nurse uses is called the Burial blade and it has supposedly fell from the heavens. She does not bleed, instead, Hitting her produces puffs of dust and a strange sound the same sound the enemy Silver lady makes. This indicates that she is in fact a disembodied spirit. From a top view her body can make a star at the right angle. After you kill her go back to Queen Yharnam and this is where you repay her, she realizes you killed him, bows in thanks in vanishes. And she is not a Main boss but there  are chalice dungeons and I am not going to explain them too much, basically there are chalice dungeons, you do not have to touch them unless you want to platinum Bloodborne. I did platinum bloodborne so I had to do all of them. Well the trophy is kill Queen Yharnam and you have to do most of the Chalices and unless you are trying to platinum the game do not do it they get super hard and annoying. There is one that cuts your health in half, but anyways yea you have to kill her for the trophy and she is the last boss but she is so easy. If you make it to her you will get she is not hard at all.

That's Queen Yharnam, but after Mergo’s wet nurse it is the last boss, Gehrman. But I am going to save him for later I  will now talk about Dark beast Paarl a side boss. He is found in Old Yharnam and drops spark hunter badge. Dark beasts are a group of enemies typified by abundant screaming, dark / silver hair and an affinity to Bolt.Dark  beast Paarl went crazy after his father died, some dark beasts were not that bad just big and everyone feared them. But Paarl, he went on a kill spree after his father’s death. I mean how e became a dark beast is still a mystery, that is about all we know for sure and I wanted to mention him because once you defeat him you unlock bolt paper which is a huge advantage to the game for a short time you add bolt damage to your weapon. Some bosses are very weak to bolt as well. So Gehrman, Now, there are three options, sacrifice yourself to him and you start new Game + , which is just you restart the game completely but bosses get harder and so does everything else. You can Eat the three Umbilical cords. I am not going to  explain those too much cause you only get one from bosses the other 2 do not involve bosses, the one that you get from a boss that boss is the Wet nurse. But a little about them they state “Every great one loses it’s child” They represent Moon Presences lost kid so that is why Moon Presence comes  once you eat them.

After you defeat Gehrman you have to fight Moon Presence. Or, you can just refuse the Sacrifice offer and you just have to kill him, he is the first ever hunter. He can be tricky. He is located in Hunters dream. The creator of the Burial blade it is a transformable blade for short and long range.He was hired by the Healing church not to be a hunter, but because he was a inventor so they just wanted his help.  Earlier in the game, there is a Abandoned Old Workshop and you will find a Old hunter bone on a grave. The grave is Gehrmans apprentice who is long dead it is kind of a mystery how Gehrman is still alive. But moon Presence had something to do with it.From his Dialogue we assume he is depressed and when we kill him he is freed. We think gehrman wants you to end the nightmare. When you kill Mergo’s Wet Nurse it says “nightmare slain”. All other bosses say “Prey slaughtered”. But Moon Presence also says “ Nightmare slain” and you can only kill him if you kill Gehrman so we think a part of Gehrman wants you to kill him so you can end the Nightmare that we all want to be over.

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