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By Summo
Schofield, Wisconsin
Summo, Schofield, Wisconsin
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The way I see it, you can either run from it, or face it....

By Haz-Mat
Pelham, Alabama
Haz-Mat, Pelham, Alabama
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To Teenink:
Why do you feel the need to limit bios to 250 characters? That is less than half of a twitter posting. Where is the rational and sense in this form of a setup? Maybe I expect too much out of you, but at least get the easy stuff right.

By Sadako-xD
Dittmannsdorf, Other
Sadako-xD, Dittmannsdorf, Other
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Art is not a thing, it's a way.

By golovashkinaold BRONZE
Berkeley, California
golovashkinaold BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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By BiancaInez
Damascus, Maryland
BiancaInez, Damascus, Maryland
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By Tai55
Layton, Utah
Tai55, Layton, Utah
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By Adam Jacobs BRONZE
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Adam Jacobs BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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Maren Killackey BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
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By lifeisabeautifullie BRONZE
West Brooklyn, Illinois
lifeisabeautifullie BRONZE, West Brooklyn, Illinois
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By Jeff Bishop
Wilton, New York
Jeff Bishop, Wilton, New York
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By Rubadue
Salt Lake City, Utah
Rubadue, Salt Lake City, Utah
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