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Raspoon22 BRONZE, Alamo, California
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Cary, North Carolina
leshoya, Cary, North Carolina
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By artistX SILVER
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
artistX SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
“This is what love does. In the stories, love healed your wounds, fixed what was broken, allowed you to go on. But love wasn’t a spell, some kind of benediction to be whispered, a balm or a cure-all. It was a single, fragile thread, which grew stronger through connection, through shared hardship and trust.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

By Oliviabranch
Santa Ana, California
Oliviabranch, Santa Ana, California
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By HannahShank
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
HannahShank, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
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By 2005artzee
Rawalpindi, Other
2005artzee, Rawalpindi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Art is all about those perfect imperfections.

Yama BRONZE, Chita Pur, Other
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By Slusheecup BRONZE
Hickory, North Carolina
Slusheecup BRONZE, Hickory, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
A small mind shall bring others down.
An average mind shall know what's going down.
And a great mind shall go down in history.
-Lucas Hale

By esquared21 BRONZE
Semora, North Carolina
esquared21 BRONZE, Semora, North Carolina
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Jupiter, Florida
morganq22, Jupiter, Florida
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Honolulu, Hawaii
IsabellaL, Honolulu, Hawaii
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