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The Crossroads of Frontiers; Estepona, Spain

January 21, 2012
By Basile BRONZE, Walpole, Massachusetts
Basile BRONZE, Walpole, Massachusetts
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I took this photo on a trip to Estepona, Spain, a popular destination for beachgoers around the world. Geographically, Estepona is quite close to Gibraltar and the coast of Morocco in Africa. Walking down the city boardwalk at sunset, I was surprised to see those same two bystanders watching me. What was more, the Moon was out. I found myself caught between three worlds- Europe, Africa and the Moon. Or alternatively- ocean and sky. From a historical perspective, here I was in Spain. Not far away, Gibraltar sat, a British territory whose ownership has often been contested with Spain. A little ways beyond that lay Morocco, birthplace of the Moorish leaders whose dynasties once held dominion over Spain. There before me were frontiers ad infinitum, echoed in the waters below and the space above. In Estepona, one finds oneself at a crossroad of cultures as well as of nature. It is an intersection that seems as intangible as it does tangible, one which evokes both immense power and insignificance in the twilight haze.

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