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My Anxiety has got me PANiCkED!?!

December 12, 2018
By jackpilot, New York City, New York
jackpilot, New York City, New York
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When walking through a spectacular exhibit made up of old trash and materials in Wynwood, Miami, there was one outstanding piece of artwork resembled with my constant feeling of pressure that tears you up inside because of the thought of you failing the predetermined expectations that you and your surrounding community has set. At a young age, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety, and it did and still will always play a big effect on my life. In my head, if I don't get the exact grade or success I'd been hoping for, I break down inside and on the outside, resulting in my brain figuring out a way to tell my body that this one mistake or letdown will affect my whole life. Instances happen to like these constantly when I don't meet expectations that I've set for myself. In the end, when acknowledging this sign in the exhibit, it helped me discover my inner zen and taught me that you can't change the past, so why dread on it. I also learned that everything happens a reason and you will end up where you're supposed to be, as you cannot control decisions that are not in your hands. Lastly, I turned this photo of this sign into a collage with varieties of the photo in different colors and scattered. I personally resemble the collage aspects and the colors with the craziness, which would typically come with anxiety for me. The colors in these signs represent the freedom of expression, while knowing that you only live life once, so don't live with regrets or don't waste any time.

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