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Clarinet Magic

December 30, 2012
By FrenchHornGirl GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
FrenchHornGirl GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Anyone who knows me knows that I love languages. You could say that I first learned English, then Italian, and am now learning Spanish, but somewhere in between all of that another language, probably my favorite, was learned - the language of music.
English, Italian, and Spanish are useful - to a point. However, music is my favorite because it surpasses them all. You don't need words to communicate in music. You don't need a translator, or a pocket dictionary. Music is incredibly clear and comprehensible, even to the illiterate.
Sometimes, when I'm stumbling around in my head for the words I need to communicate a specific feeling, I come up frustrated and empty handed, having only a sentence composed a third in Italian, a third in English, and a third in Spanish, not being able to translate them into a uni-language sentence that would convey the meaning I had originally wanted. That isn't a problem with music.
Sometimes it seems that words have become empty in the sense that we use them so much that they fail to completely capture our attention, but music still has the ability to fuel our strongest memories, our fiercest emotions. This is the power of music - it makes connections, it reaches people more than any spoken language can.
This, among other reasons, is why I love music. I don't claim to be its master - that would be virtually impossible, since music can come in so many different forms - but I'll never stop trying to learn this amazing language even better.

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