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Imperfect Perfection

December 30, 2012
By FrenchHornGirl GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
FrenchHornGirl GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I'm to die for."

Surgeon General's Warning:
If you are attempt to play the French horn even somewhat seriously, you may experience intense emotions frequently. Beware - French Horn is not for the weak of heart. I could write some sappy thing about how amazing the French horn is, and insert some thoughtful metaphor for life, but instead I'll write the bare-boned truth.

Love: The french horn is beautiful, it soars above all the other instruments. It's so majestic and proud and mellow. Not to mention, it's physically pretty too... so twisty and shiny... and I can make that beautiful sound on it, too! How amazing! **goes to practice**

Hate: I HATE PRACTICING! IT SUCKS! I want to quit. The French horn is stupid. It won't do what I want. Or maybe I'm just stupid. WAIT A MINUTE! Hey, French horn, why do you think you're so special, that you can lower my self-esteem like that? Nuh-uh! INTO THE CASE! That's right! I don't wanna see you for about a week!!

Guilt: **After not having practiced for three days.** Gee... I'm really not going to improve if I don't start practicing. Uh... I really should be practicing... I don't want to bring the whole band down... uh yeah.

Dread: Crap! I haven't played for three days!? And I thought I sucked before? Can't WAIT to hear myself now... :P

Agony: Get through it. Just get through it. Sixty minutes. For every day you miss, it takes two to make it up. Just six days of this torture and you'll be back to normal. That's not that long, is it?
HA. It is when you're trying to practice.

Triumph: (After nailing a big solo, sounding amazing). I love playing the French horn. It's the best instrument ever. That was so much fun! Why did I ever want to quit? This is, like, my life's calling. This French horn and I, we were made to fit together, like to puzzle pieces practically. We're a pair. :D

Back to LOVE: and the cycle starts all over again.

In short: Music is amazing. It builds character. It makes you a better person.

And somehow, through it all, I really do love the French horn.

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