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July 7, 2010
By Enforcer BRONZE, north adams, Massachusetts
Enforcer BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
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Even 2,000 years into the future, not all planets in the galaxy have been discovered. And even those who know about Rakos would rather keep it a secret, because it's people, the Korphlex, are mechanical monsters bent on war, destruction, and erasing. (erase is their fancy way of saying destroy, kill, exterminate, that sort of word).

It was in the hight of war when the Phlex inventor known as Deibrus, found a way to download brainwaves into computers. He did this process with several Phlex warriors, removed all emotions, and built battle suits for the thinking computers. It should be noted that Phlex looked basically like grey-skinned humanoids, up until Deibrus turned his race into these new armored robots, where they looked almost exactly like the humans plastic recycle bins, only with guns, and they could talk. They soon became known as the Korphlex, which means "Ruling Kind" in the Phlex language and tried to invade the humans new homeworld of Zoron twice. The fist time they used with a whole army under the control of the Korphlex Prime, but were easily defeated by a group of teenagers using a combination of all their weaknesses including water, which shorted out the Korphlex King and the Korphlex Prime onboard their flagship. The Korphlex also could not climb stairs, making them easy to escape. There second invasion was just on two years later, at the time, there were only three Korphlex remaining, the Disciples of Rakos they called themselves, their goal was to create a new race of Korphlex. They succeeded but the two lesser Korphlex destroyed their leader because the blamed him for the unthreatening appearance of the new Korphlex. The new ones destroyed one other but the one remaining "out of date" Korphlex escaped. Both him and the new Korphlex remain at large.

The Korphlex are notably spoofs of the Daleks, created in 1963 by Terry Nation for the british sci-fi series (which continues to this day) Doctor Who.

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